Gloryhammer – Tales from the Kingdom of Fife

20th March 2013 0 By Mark Booth


Band: Gloryhammer
Album: Tales from the Kingdom of Fife
Record Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 29th March 2013
Reviewed By: Mark
I will begin this review with how ‘GLORYHAMMER‘ describe the band and the music on this album.
“Scotland – A highland realm of mystery, wonder, and epic battles from an ancient time, shrouded by magical mists. A time of dragons and wizards, and enchanted weapons. These are the legends of the Kingdom of Fife, when the great hero Angus McFife waged an epic war against the evil wizard Zargothrax, to free the people of Dundee in the name of glory and steel. These are the legends of GLORYHAMMER!
The ‘Heroic Fantasy Power Metal’ band GLORYHAMMER is the new project formed by Christopher Bowes, the mastermind behind pirate-metal sensation ALESTORM, with a desire to explore the more symphonic and epic side of metal. The band’s debut concept album ‘TALES FROM THE KINGDOM OF FIFE‘ will be released in March 2013, telling a story based in an alternate-history medieval Scotland, where magic and dark sorcery reigns supreme. GLORYHAMMER is a band like no other… PREPARE FOR EPIC BATTLES!
If you don’t like traditional fantasy power metal in the vein of Rhapsody of Fire, Bal-Sagoth, Luca Turilli, Elvenking, Helloween etc then you wont love this album but might like it. This is a concept album based on Angus McFife battle to save Scotland and defeat Zargothrax, it begins like most epic fantasy metal albums with the introduction to the “story” and then we are straight into the galloping metal song “Unicorn Invasion of Dundee” (yes you read that right). The drums and guitar gallop along at a fast pace and the keyboards add to the marauding gallop of the Unicorns, with lyrics like “The unicorns once were good, but now they’ve been made to serve hell, The unicorn invasion of Dundee!”. The album also has some sombre mellow moments with the song “Silent Tears of Frozen Princess” which has some amazing accompanying female vocals. However another stand out track is “Angus McFife” with its sing along chorus and soaring (as high as a griffon) guitar riffs, while “Quest for the Hammer of Glory” with its Manowar slower style structure and over the top lyrics is just amazing. The album then finishes with the epic (and longest track clocking in at 10 minutes) “The Epic Rage of Furious Thunder”  which is a fitting end to this classic story.
This is over the top and may I say cheesy fantasy metal and ‘GLORYHAMMER‘ don’t take them self seriously! Come on its about an alternate Scottish history with Trolls, Goblins, Unicorns, Dragons and Wizards; get absorbed in the fun of the album! This includes all of fantasy power metal traits, soaring speedy riffs, over the top keyboards, galloping of a thousand centaurs drumming and amazing ball bursting vocals. This isn’t a vicious mocking parody, this is over the top amazingly played fantasy power metal and the spirit and fanaticism they display with childish glee is infectious and will hook you.
If you don’t get this album then watch “The Lord of the Rings” (extended versions) one after another, don your armour and pick up your Battle Axe and bathe in the (cheesy) glory with Angus McFife and then you might just get it!!!
Finally is Angus McFife victorious in his battle against the wizard Zargothrax and the dragon? Well you will have to buy the album and take the journey yourself?
SCORE – 7.5/10
TRACKS TO DOWNLOAD – “Unicorn Invasion of Dundee”, “Angus McFife”, “Quest for the hammer of Glory”, “Magic Dragon”
Readers album score: {extravote 1}

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