Godeater – Outerstellar

Godeater – Outerstellar

31st August 2017 0 By Mark Booth

I was asked by a colleague at All About The Rock if I would like to review the debut EP ‘Outerstellar’ by GODEATER. Turns out he is good friends with the band and therefore wanted an unbiased opinion/review of ‘Outerstellar’. I did warn him that if I hate the EP I will be blunt and pull no punches…

So GODEATER serve up 3 tracks of technical death metal, which is littered with sci-fi synths. I know this might not sound appealing but it surprisingly works quite well on this release and brings everything together. Through the aggressive rapid fire riffs, subtle depth of the bass and the relentless assault of the drums moments of melodic proggy guitar riffs come to tax your brain and give your neck a rest and makes ‘Outerstellar’ more enjoyable than a straight for the jugular brutal death metal release.

This is a very good opening statement from GODEATER, although this release isn’t flawless. The song writing is very ambitious and just needs tightening up ever so slightly (nothing major). Also the songs could maybe drop some of the technical riffage for more hooks to the songs, although this is a common theme in a lot of bands nowadays and isn’t just something GODEATER are doing. My only other concern would be if a full album would be able to enthral the listener as much as ‘Outerstellar’? I suppose only time will tell, however GODEATER seem to have a bright future and hopefully they will go far.


Track Listing
1. Part I – The Silent Prophecy
2. Part II – Ethereal Majesty
3. Part III – The Nebulon Abhorrency

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