Hacktivist – Hacktivist EP

11th January 2013 0 By Mark Booth
Hacktivist EP

Band: Hacktivist
Album: Hacktivist EP
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: 12th November 2012
Reviewed By: Mark

I have heard of Hacktivist making ripples in the metal scene, see my fingers aren’t that far off the pulse. For people who haven’t heard of Hacktivist then a brief summary would be that their music is a fusion of different styles but more predominantly grime and djent (djent is a form of progressive metal used by Meshuggah, Sikth etc so am told by Wikipedia). Well as you can guess this has split the metal community, but Hacktivist have now released their self-titled EP so you can judge for yourself.


The EP musically is a fusion of furious chugging 8 string staccato riffs with complex time signatures and the use of electronics that add a haunting urban background to the riffs and drumming of the rhythm section. While the two vocalist add the lyrics by rapidly spitting them at you (i.e rapping for the simpletons). Now this will automatically divide people and some while probably refuse to listen to Hactivist because of it…I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first.


I think that if the lyrics were done differently then people would be raving about Hacktivist as musically they are quite solid, heavy and tight. They are nothing like Limp Bizkit as some people have tried to pigeon hole them as (or any other lame nu/rap metal band from the early 00’s), the best way to maybe describe them is a Rage Against the Machine for the new generation. That is only a basic description but that is what could be said about Hacktivist along with other peoples opinions.


I hope that Hacktivist release their debut album soon as I think they might be onto something big here and before all the copycats jump on the band wagon and complete destroy what they are creating. My only concern would be if their album could hold your attention or will it just get boring and repetitive as the EP works due to it’s length, however that is up to Hacktivist to prove. So a steady strong debut, but I think their next release is going to either make or break them…but they are one to watch.


SCORE – 6.5/10 (I am a harsh marker)