Hard Rock Hell AOR 2013 – Day 1

8th April 2013 0 By Suzie Rottencrotch
HRH AOR 2013

Gig: Hard Rock Hell AOR 2013 – Day 1
Review By: Matt
Photos By: Matt


Day one.
We got to the Venue early enough on the Sat to check out the Stages, and the site. Magna is itself an old Steelworks that they’ve turned into an interactive museum, and what hits you the most almost immediately is how cold the venue is, even considering the weather of late in the UK, these two days were not bad outside but due to open areas inside the museum no real heat flows anywhere. So, onto the music….


Spill Sixteen opened the main stage on the Saturday and having listened to the album I was looking forward to what they would present, I have to say they didn’t disappoint, coming from the local area ( the guys are from Sheffield ) they delivered a strong performance and they come across well, their music is melodic, with a kick in the balls bluesy loose feel and they gel impressively, recent single “Come With Me” goes down well, and it’s a great foundation for these guys to build on. Vocally for the music style Steve’s delivery is strong along with some good crowd interaction backed up with solid performance from the band, def one to watch out for…..

Spill SixteenSpill Sixteen

Daylight Robbery were up next, the Birmingham band have been quoted as the “ The New Kings of Heavy Melodic Rock “ and there are some excellent showcases of musicianship along with some powerful vocal performances from lead singer Tony Nicholl, the band don’t really drive the energy across to the crowd so much as let the music do the talking, at times though certainly for this type of venue the crowd needs to be drawn in. Stand out tracks were “ Cross your Heart” and “ Crossing The Great Divide”


Dante Fox came onto the stage just before 16:00hrs and with 24yrs experience it shows impressively in their performance, this is the first time I’ve seen them although I was aware of them I’d never really listened to their material in my ahem younger years. Sue Willets apologises to the audience for her voice stating she’s awake but her voice isn’t, from never seeing them before I wouldn’t have a measure of what she’s previously delivered but I have to say she come over solidly and her delivery wraps around a tight performance by the rest of the band, Tim Manford’s guitar playing is a joy to watch along with the bass performance by Alan Mills. New song’s from 2012’s “ Lost Man’s Ground “ are showcased to great appreciation from the fans in the audience.

Romeo’s Daughter are up next and having seen them on the FM tour last year I knew what to expect, these guys are better live than on CD and Leigh Matty’s vocals although not as powerful as some has her own sultry distinct style that cannot be matched. Fan favourite’s “ Wild Child “ and “ Heaven in The Back Seat” go down well and the crowd react with joyous applause. Romeo’s Daughter were gone too long and people are glad to see them return.


Romeos Daughter  Romeos Daughter  Romeos Daughter

Danny Vaughn follows and although has a few technical hitches midset ( he has to cut his set by two songs ) delivers an awesome performance. With 17 albums under his belt he has a lot of material to choose from, so it’s not a major surprise that he doesn’t just concentrate on Tyketto material ( as I hear someone complain,  – Hey, if you like the artist, check out all they do! ) “Bad Water”, “Warriors Way” and “The Voice” are amazing songs that come over astonishing live and with a vocal performance that epitomizes all a good rock show should hold. He tours in May and I’d advise everyone who loves melodic, soulfull true music to get to those shows!



Danny Vaughn  Danny Vaughn


The mighty FM take to the stage at 20:00, to the hungry appreciation of the crowd. FM are receiving more attention now than ever and deservedly so, these boys have been so undervalued for too long over the last 25 years, songs like “That Girl” and “Frozen Heart” live still sound as fresh today as ever, mixed in with material from New album/s “Rockville 1 and 2”  they are all part of the same family and no hint of any divide by time. I saw FM on the “25th anniversaryIndiscreet tour” and hoped they would play “Over You” from “Metropolis” which never happened, tonight though I’m rewarded for my patience and it doesn’t fail my expectations. Every home in the UK should have an FM album, so go get yours……now.




The act everyone is waiting for is up next, TESLA, the only UK appearance this year, and from opener “I Wanna Live” from “Forevermore” the crowd go wild, “Hang Tough” follows and it’s clear to see these guy’s came to kick ass tonight,  “Breakin Free” is next and as soon as the intro to “Heaven’s Trail” is given the audience erupt. TESLA are the rock band’s rock band. They have a quality that is unique, cowboy western style with attitude that they simply don’t give a fuck, they came to rock and rock they do, the performance is tight to perfection and Jeff Keith’s gawky quirkiness just adds to the showmanship. (These Guys had travelled for nigh 24hrs prior to the gig with no rest)
TESLA end their set as a triumph.


Tesla  Tesla  Tesla  Tesla

Relative newcarriers of the new UK Rock Mantle VEGA, end Saturday’s events with a powerpunch fullstop of a show. Opening with “Kiss Of Life” before moving onto “ Not There For You”, UK Rock music at the minute has never been so exciting and these guys are at the front with a collection of material that is undeniably awesome, VEGA make the crowd hungry for more with melodic slices of perfection and ending with “Hands In The Air” it’s a perfect way to salute the first day of the festival with an awesome lineup…….bring on day two!


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