Hell In The Club – Devil On My Shoulder

Hell In The Club – Devil On My Shoulder

19th September 2014 0 By George Nisbet

You could be forgiven for given that this motley crew are from downtown LA, but they do in fact hail from the more exotic climes of Alessandria, Italy. Hell In The Club are purveyors of high octane, whiskey soaked rock and roll and sound like they would be quite at home on Sunset Strip circa 1986.

Having one album “Let The Games Begin” released in 2011, under their belts, the guys are now set to release their new album, “Devil On My Shoulder“.
Opening track “Bare Hands” kicks things off nicely and while it’s not the best track on the album, it does boast a really catchy chorus and some nice fluid lead guitar courtesy of Andrea Piccardi.

The next track is also the title track of the album and to these ears, it’s very similar in style to early Bon Jovi. Built on a nice simple riff, the whole song is underpinned by a rock solid bass line and some quality, if uncomplicated, drums. It’s actually quite refreshing to hear a band crafting a song from the heart rather than the head and knowing when to use 3 or 4 quality riffs rather than 6 or 7 sub par ones.

They obviously know how to sculpt some quality rock and the songs on offer here are clearly created from a genuine love of good times and rock and roll!

The sound on the album is nice and full, with a warm,  rich bass tone nicely complimenting a really great guitar sound, with the track “Save Me” being a really good example of this as it employs a deliciously crunchy riff coupled with a relentlessly driving bass line.

I can see this album appealing to quite a cross section of rock fans and due to its party atmosphere and uncomplicated nature, there will be something here for everyone to enjoy.

I admit that I wasn’t sure if I would take to this album, it’s not the sort of thing I would normally fire up on the stereo, but I must confess that I actually really enjoyed it. The songs are very well constructed and frontman Davide Moras has a pretty impressive set of pipes, reminding me at times of a slightly less gravelly Spike of the Quireboys notoriety.

I would imagine that Hell In The Club would be a cracking band to see perform live, either from down the front, or cradling a whiskey at the bar, but if they’re not playing near you any time soon, then do the next best thing and turn this album up loud, pour yourself a large Jack Daniels and rock out!

Score: 7 out of 10

hell-in-the-club-devil-on-my-shoulder-2014-570x570ALBUM INFO

Track List:

01. Bare Hands
02. Devil On My Shoulder
03. Beware Of The Candyman
04. Proud
05. Whore Paint
06. Pole Dancer
07. We Are The Ones
08. Save Me
09. Toxic Love
10. Muse
11. Snowman Six
12. No More Goodbyes
13. Night

Record Label:
Scarlet Records

Release Date:
4th November 2014

Official Website:

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