Hellgoat – End of Man

Hellgoat – End of Man

5th June 2014 0 By Suzie Rottencrotch

Atlanta’s Hellgoat¬†are back and more evil than ever with their newest EP, End of Man. This 2 song EP will drag you through the depths of hell and leave you battered and bloodied upon the floor of damnation staring into a futureless blank existence.

The first track, Demonic Worship of the Horned Beast sounds like an audio guide of hell itself leading the way to a evil brooding riff that could have been found on Marduk’s Fuck Me Jesus. The funeral dirge doesn’t last long and opens up into a full on blitzkrieg. The rest of the EP maintains this intensity which reminds me of classic Darkthrone.

If you know Hellgoat then you know what to expect with their latest; venomous blackened metal of the highest quality that sounds as if they are invoking the devil himself. The intro and doom-like riff at the beginning peaked my interest the most, and while there are more samples of this trickled about, I wish there was more.

SCORE – 6 of of 10


Track Listing:

1. Demonic Worship of the Horned Beast
2.End of Man

Boris Records

Release Date:
May 31st 2014

For Fans of:
Darkthrone, old Marduk, Profanatica

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