HOLLOW HAZE – Countdown To Revenge

17th September 2013 0 By Mark Booth

Well next up for the followers of Cletus is Italian metal band HOLLOW HAZE and their 5th album “Countdown to Revenge”, I had heard slight rumours that HOLLOW HAZE were a band to follow if you like your metal true and powerful and that singer Rock Ramon was a vocalist to lookout for. Then Rock Ramon left the band and it seem to go all quiet on the HOLLOW HAZE front, and I just plain forgot about them in all honesty. Then BOOM they only go and hire the renowned legendary power metal/metal vocalist Fabio Lione (most famous for RHAPSODY ON FIRE) and they also get the Wintermoon Orchestra who specialise in symphonic, horror and fantasy music. So I must admit I was getting a little excited about this album and especially after my Power Metal/Traditional Metal resurgence of late, check out my TWINS CREW review and get the album yourself,it’s a must! So what does the album “Countdown to Revenge” hold for the listener? Well as you probably guessed, 55 minutes of power metal…When the Wintermoon Orchestra start off first track “Watching in Silence” (Room 212 is an intro) it sounds like a bands entrance music and then the song explodes into life. Fabio vocals are just as perfect as always and the song attacks the senses like a power metal hero. This has all the trade marks, the only exception is that the lyrics are more science fiction than telling a heroic story. The guitar solos soar above the planes, the drums blast away like a marching army, the bass rumbles along like a tank and Fabio vocals just add a depth to the band, along with the keyboards that add another dimension. While the Wintermoon Orchestra and phenomenal and add another layer to the music. A thumbs up as well to the production as every instrument is clear in the mix and everything can be heard clearly. I hate how on some metal/power metal releases the bass is so low in the mix it can’t be heard!


So far so good you would think? Well there is actually a few problems with this release and let me explain the reason for my score of 7 (yet again)! This is good powerful, aggressive and epic metal, however unlike TWINS CREW and GLORYHAMMER the songs just don’t seem as catchy or sing a long with. Also this album is a little too Over the top” at times and its hard sitting through the whole 55 minutes in one go as its sensory overload! However this is still a great release and if you love bands like IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, HELLOWEEN, RHAPSODY ON FIRE, STRATOVARIUS, PRIMAL FEAR etc then you will lap this album up and love it and might even find a new favourite band. However it just isn’t the best album ever and it can feel a little long, all the songs are good its just that when the album is played in its entirety it is a little to “over the top” for its own good.

SCORE: 7 out of 10




Band: Hollow Haze

Album: Countdown To Revenge

Record Label: Scarlet Records

Release Date: 10th September 2013

Standout Tracks: “Watch In Silence”, “Il Tempo Del Fuoco”, “Countdown to Revenge”

Track Listing:

1… Room 212

2… Watch In Silence

3… Still Alive

4… No Rest For Angels

5… Life Has No Meaning

6… We Must Believe

7… The Answer

8… Il Tempo Del Fuoco

9… A Fading Angel’s Life

10… Countdown to Revenge

11… The Gate to Nowhere…


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