HRH Vikings launch a new 2 Day 2 Arena Valhalla Adventure in the City of Steel.

HRH Vikings launch a new 2 Day 2 Arena Valhalla Adventure in the City of Steel.

4th December 2017 0 By Jon Deaux

HRH Vikings launch a new 2 Day 2 Arena Valhalla Adventure in the City of Steel…

Early Bird Offer 25 GBP, No Booking Fee, 5 days Only

What’s that circling in the stormy skies? Hugin and Munin: Odin’s own ravens; and what surges through the wind, waves and tempest below them at the horizon, lit by flashes of lightning? Dragon prows, longboats and warriors bold, rowing into land to bear sword, metal, and song? Such Nordic portents can only herald the coming of a brand new event from HRH: HRH Vikings

Heed the call: the HRH Vikings are bringing the celebration of fierce song, fellowship and carousing like no other to Sheffield, the City of Steel.

“We’ve been threatening to do this for some time now,” says HRH Jonni Davis, “We just needed the right bands in Cycle, and by all the Gods in Asgard we’ve nailed them high!”

HRH Vikings is a heady genre-mixing brew, which will feature 5 mind-blowing sub-genres of metal: Battle, Nordic, Pagan, Black & Death. Expect the unexpected as we go all out to create a Metal Viking Saga to shake the very foundations upon which it will be staged and be heard in the halls of Valhalla itself.

HRH Vikings will be a 2 day, 2 Arena Adventure, taking place at the O2 Academy in Sheffield on 1st & 2nd December 2018. HRH Viking Hotels will be on the doorstep, ensuring that our mighty tribe will be housed in quality, Hell, were even serving up our very own HRH Viking Ale!

The initially-announced line-up is impressive. The first announced headliner is Turisas: taking their name from an ancient Finnish god of war, this band has been described as “Finland’s finest metal export” and will be bringing their rousing battle metal to HRH Vikings. Another headliner has yet to be announced…

Danish folk metal band Svartsot are well-suited to the Scandinavian heart of HRH Vikings. Ereb Altor are famed for their mix of pagan and black metal, and are often compared with Bathory in their most epic and pagan period, whilst Obscurity are a German melodic death/black metal band, with strong Viking metal influences.

Joining the above on the initially-announced line-up are: Waylander, Old Corpse Road, Haerken, Oakenshield, Sellsword, Witan, PKA, Accursed Years, and Gymir.

Names to conjure with – Acts to raise the roof. Plus many more to be announced next week, infant we should have it all out shortly

All aboard the longships! See you in the City of Steel. Raise your shields and drinking horns high, this is HRH Vikings

Special Launch offer: HRH Vikings will go onsite @ 12.00 GMT , Monday 4th December, offer finishes midnight Friday 8th Dec

25 GBP Weekend Pass No Booking Fee

30% off all Hotel Packages

For further details, check out or phone Rebecca on 0207 193 9564

See you in Valhalla

HRH Watch Tower

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