In Vain – Ænigma

11th March 2013 0 By Suzie Rottencrotch

In Vain

Band: In Vain
Album: Ænigma
Record Label: Indie Recordings
Release Date: 15th March 2013
Reviewed By: Matt

If I’m brutally honest I’m not really into the Death Metal Scene, I see it as monotone and repetitive but I like to push my comfort zones every now and again and as a result I agreed to review Norwegian Death Metallers In Vain’s latest offering. This is one of those times that my risk was worth taking.

The album is I have to say, very impressive. In Vain have given us an album with an array and tastes of all different styles and influences that they make their own and more importantly make it all flow and work with it seems hardly any effort.

This is their third offering and their best offering yet. The album itself feels Epic and the expansion on the production is awesome. Opener “Against The Grain” displays shredding guitars with screaming vocals and melodic vocals in the bridges that gell the song well and just adds to the intensity of the track, a great way to set the stage and a bold move for a 7 minute track to open the album which more than pays off.

Image Of Time” comes up next and it’s a recognition I have to admit for how tight the production is on the album. “Southern Shores” is a nice interlude, completely melodic and a bridge till “Hymne til Havet” starts up. I could go through each track but I’d advise anyone who likes Death Metal to try this album out, In Vain are on the verge of great things to come I think, and with offerings like this I don’t see anyone to stop them.

8 out of 10

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