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1st March 2013 0 By Craig

Joff Bailey


We caught up with Savage Messiah guitarist Joff Bailey this week and asked him if he was to put together a mix tape right now, what would he put on it and why? Here are his responses:



1. Iron Maiden – Aces High : "A true belter of a track from probably my favourite band… EVER! When they kick in with this on Live After Death with the Churchill intro… Fuckin chills man!"


2. Metallica – Blackened : " Hard to choose a favourite 'tallica track but I've gotta go with this one. Epic intro, killer riffs… Thrash at its finest right there!"


3. Pantera – Mouth For War  " I used to give my Dad my pocket money and he'd stay up to tape Headbangers Ball for me when I was a kid. The Mouth For War Video was on the first episode he did for me and when it kicked in I was like "Fuck man! What the fuck  is this!?!? I hadn't heard anything like it before. Totally blew me away!"


4. Iron Maiden – Prowler : " First Maiden song I ever heard! My Dad bought me the first Maiden album on vinyl at a boot sale when I was really young ( must have been 6 or 7!) and it really struck a chord in me. Had heard heavy music before like Sabbath, Zepplin etc… But nothing like that! That was it man… From that moment on… I WAS A METAL HEAD!"


5. Thin Lizzy – Emerald : " I'm a big Lizzy fan and Jailbreak is one of my all time favouite albums. This song is just pure class. The Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson solo battle at the end… well… it's pretty much the reason I started playing guitar in the first place!"


6. Slayer – Angel Of Death : " What can you say really… Thats about as thrash as you can get aint it!?!  Pure violence caught on tape. Genius."


7. Motorhead – No Class : " LEMMY! LEMMY! LEMMY! Nuff said!"


8. AC/DC – For Those About To Rock… We Salute You : " Awesome tune! "For those about to rock… FIIIIRE! Weeee Saaluuuute yooooouuuu!" If that don't get ya blood pumpin… Nothin will!"


9. Megadeth – Tornado of Souls  : " Fantastic track! Air guitars at the ready for the monster solo at the end!"


10. Testament – Electric Crown : " Another video that featured on that fateful Headbangers Ball episode. Skolnick's solo is fuckin raging man! Been a fan ever since."


11. Judas Priest – The Sentinal : " Heavy… Fuckin… Metal! The lyrics in the chorus man… "Sworn to avenge, Condemned to hell… Tempt not the blade… ALL FEAR THE SEEEEENTINAAAAL!" Quality!"


12. Death – Lack Of Comprehension : " Love this track! Remember cranckin this one up and going mental with my little bro after school one day and my Dad walked in and caught us proper rockin out! I mean really going for it! Ha ha haaa! Felt like a right pair of dick heads! Ha ha! Good memorys!"


A big thank you to Joff for taking the time out of his busy schedule and agreeing to do this Mix Tape, if you want to listen to the Mix Tape then click here. The video for Savage Messiah's song "All Seeing I" is available below, their album "Plague of Conscience" is out now – click here to read our review.


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