Little Angels live at HMV Ritz

14th January 2013 0 By Suzie Rottencrotch

Little Angels

Gig: Little Angels
Venue: HMV Ritz, Manchester
Date: 13th December 2012
Reviewed By: Craig




Little Angels were asked to reform earlier this year for by the organisers of the Download festival to make it more special with it being the 10th festival, so what’s so special about the Little Angels? After all they split up eighteen years ago, went their separate ways, forming other bands, dipping their toes in the acting pool, becoming Lecturers of Music and even managing Boyzone……ahem. The answer is very very simple, they provided a soundtrack to a generation growing up of sometimes angry, but always melodic and kick ass anthems. The Angels delivered three albums, with each evolving more commercial than the last (at the demands of the record company) and they split up with their last album “Jam” at number one in the charts – so was it worth the reunion?

Little Angels are as still relevant today as they ever were, they hit the stage to the sound of first single “She’s A Little Angel” before moving onto “Kicking Up Dust” form the first album “Don’t Prey For Me” (and in this reviewers opinion their finest), the crowd reacted with such vigour and love that the Angels are treated as the prodigal son returning home, and as such they are embraced by Manchester with Joy. The atmosphere is consistent, the band are here to have a good time and control with ease the crowd who sing along to nearly every song.

The Angels at Download requested the fans highlight their favourite songs and you can see there’s an element of that tonight as some of the more obscure songs are also given during tonight’s performance, the band deliver a tight performance along with the Big Bad Horns supplying the horn section form the background. The big delay on the Angels getting back together was dependant on guitarist Bruce Dickinson agreeing because “It had to feel right”, and trust me tonight it does!

Manchester acts like the last eighteen years never happened and the band revel in the adoration most greatly deserved. The Angels have also said that there are no immediate plans to write any new material, and that would be a true shame as Manchester shows tonight, they are hungry for more of what the Angels do……so come on guys, as you’ve shown tonight, give the people what they want 😉

1.    She's a Little Angel ?
2.    Kickin' Up Dust ?
3.    Boneyard ?(including snippet of Whole … more)
4.    Radical Your Lover ?
5.    The Way That I Live ?
6.    Back Door Man ?
7.    That's My Kinda Life ?
8.    Don't Pray for Me ?
9.    Soapbox ?
10.    Womankind ?
11.    I Was Not Wrong ?
12.    Kids Wanna Rock ?(Bryan Adams cover)
13.    Too Much Too Young ?
14.    Encore:
15.    I Ain't Gonna Cry ?

Young Gods (Stand Up, Stand Up)

9 out of 10

AATR Approved


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