Long Distance Calling – The Flood Inside

27th February 2013 0 By Suzie Rottencrotch

Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside



Band: Long Distance Calling
Album: The Flood Inside
Record Label: Superball Music
Release Date: 4th March 2013
Reviewed By: Matt




Who makes instrumental albums anymore? Aren’t they just targeted for the cardigan uncles who would rather roll up a joint and get stoned whilst they preach on the “intensity“ of said band to show us how we don’t appreciate “true rock“ and it’s ”defining structure of realistic pain to help us all better consider our own mortality” bollocks.

Who wants to listen to a group of egotistical musicians who just want to show us how superior they are that they can actually play their instruments with their heads so completely up their own backsides? Yngwie Malmsteen clicked it was better with a singer, so did Steve Vai, hell even Timbaland includes vocalists, so who are Long Distance Calling to say otherwise? – Well as it turns out, these guys have a lot to state otherwise, they do have a singer, only on four tracks though and the rest is completely melodic.

Revolving spirals of musical brilliance would sum up the feel of the album, the opening track “Nucleus“ starts off simplistically enough as drums build behind shimmering guitars to help build the track this is something you could easily get lost in, 3 minutes into the track it gets heavier and whilst I dreaded the thought of getting easily bored it never happened throughout the whole album. “Inside The Flood“ features recruited vocalist Marsen Fischer and the band stated they wanted a Mike Patton/ChrisCornell approach which Mr Fischer so ably delivers.

That said “Inside the Flood“ isn’t one of the stronger tracks for me, “Tell The End” is however, the fourth track on the album it’s a wall of underlying power that seeps through, to say comparisons have been made to “Faith No More“ is true but whilst I can see that I’d like to add that Long Distance Calling bring a more serious intensity that is displayed in the content.

Welcome Change“ is another strong track, strong enough to invite you in and close the door behind you. There is some intense performances here but all it’s all done so melodic that you are carried along WITH the performance, not just there to witness how great the musicians really are or indeed what they can do. I’d never go and see a mostly instrumental band live, but I have to say I’m intrigued with these guys – They play in Manchester in March – maybe I should visit Matalan for any specials on cardigans – I’m already an uncle :0)

Score – 8/10

AATR Approved

Readers album score: {extravote 1}

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