Mammoth Mammoth – Vol III Hell’s Likely

8th March 2013 0 By Mark Booth

Mammoth Mammoth

Band: Mammoth Mammoth
Album: Vol III Hell’s Likely
Record Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: November 2012
Reviewed By: Mark

TRACKS TO PURCHASE – Hells Likely, (Up All Night) Demons to Fight, I Want You

I am reviewing ‘Vol. III Hell’s Likely’ which is  the third album (clues in the title) by Mammoth Mammoth who hail from Australia and this is 7 tracks of stoner rock/metal and clocks in at 33 minutes, the version I am reviewing also has 5 bonus tracks. I don’t know if these bonus tracks will come on the original release or if they are intended for a special edition release etc. Mammoth Mammoth play a mixture of stoner rock and metal, think Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, Spiritual Beggars with a bit of AC/DC, Motorhead and Thin Lizzy thrown in for good measure. Now on paper this sounds amazing, do they live up to the hype?

The first track ‘Hells Likely’ kicks off the album at a blistering pace and the riff batters you about the head for awhile and then settles down  into the song, oh your onto a winner you think and then second track ‘Go’ starts with a great heavy doomish dirty bass intro but then goes into a basic stoner riff that is repeated over and over and the solo for the song doesn’t fit at all. However on ‘Bare Bones’ things pick up again and you think that maybe it was just a little dip with the second track ‘Go’, the fourth track is ‘(Up All Night) Demons to Fight’ which is the best track on the album and the dirty heavy as an elephant testicules bass line this time is accompanied by an equally great guitar riff and the song is 7 minutes of excellent hard rock with great lyrics. However yet again ‘Sittin Pretty’ let’s things slip again, just like ‘Go’ and is just a simple, boring monotonous riff played over and over. ‘I Want You’ is a slight improvement and adds a funky style to the stoner rock riffs and mixes it up a little and the album finishes with ‘Bury Me’ which is more sludge/doom style song and is better than most tracks on the album, but not great.

Now the “bonus tracks” start and we are up first with ‘Another Drink’…hmm that is what you need when listening to this song!!! It is the same simple three chords being mechanically chugged out at a dull monotonous pace with the line “I need another drink” stated (not even song really) over and over again. To begin with you think it might be a good song and the riff is alright, but after 4+ minutes it is an abomination of a song! The rest of the bonus tracks are just like ‘Go’ and ‘Sitting Pretty’, alright but nothing great and they just plod along. The only other stand out bonus track is ‘The Bad Oil’ which is quite a good track and I would have put in the original songs instead of one or two of the others that made the album!

All in all Mammoth Mammoth have some great rocking songs on this album, however this album also has some mediocre tracks and on a 7 track album you shouldn’t be having mediocre unforgettable filler tracks. So if you need an album putting on while drinking with your mates etc then this is great for that, but as an album in general it’s a little unforgettable and there are a lot better albums out there.

(p.s. the cover has a picture of a naked girl on the cover so bonus points for that)

SCORE – 6/10

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