Mammoth Mammoth – Vol IV: Hammered Again

Mammoth Mammoth – Vol IV: Hammered Again

4th April 2015 0 By Mark Booth

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH have just released ‘Vol IV: Hammered Again’ and follows of AATR will know that I reviewed their previous album ‘Vol III: Hells Likely’ and wasn’t overly blown away by the release. So have MAMMOTH MAMMOTH got better with age or are these Australians just just lost in the outback? Well ‘Vol IV: Hammered Again’ starts off with “Life’s A Bitch” and am having flash backs to 2012 when I reviewed there previous release, as “Life’s A Bitch” is a fast hard rocking chugging juggernaut of a song (just like the song “Hell’s Likely”). So I expect the album to go the same way as ‘Vol III: Hell’s Likely’. However am slightly surprised as the follow up song “Lookin’ Down The Barrel” is another dose of hard rocking riffs! What’s going on?

This is where I feel MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are at their best when they play the harder rocking songs, sound like a cross between AC/DC, Motorhead and a hint of Black Sabbath. When they go full throttle on songs such as “Life’s A Bitch”, “Lookin’ Down The Barrel”, “Black Dog” and “Reign Supreme” then MAMMOTH MAMMOTH really shine! To be fair to MAMMOTH MAMMOTH even when the slow things down or add in the psychedelic riffs (“Electric Sunshine”) then the songs are listenable and competent. However there are plenty more bands out there that do the stoner rock/psychedelic rock vibe a lot better than MAMMOTH MAMMOTH (The Vintage Caravan, The Graviators). However “High As A Kite” is the best I’ve heard MAMMOTH MAMMOTH do some psychedelic stoner rock…

This is an improvement on ‘Vol III: Hell’s Likely’, however MAMMOTH MAMMOTH need to rock and rock hard at all times! When they want to rock out then these Aussies know how to do it! Still a good album to have a drink with your mates to and especially in summer around the BBQ!

SCORE – 7 out of 10

Mammoth Mammoth - Vol IV Hammered AgainALBUM INFO

1… Life’s A Bitch
2… Lookin’ Down The Barrel
3… Electric Sunshine
4… Fuel Injected
5… Black Dog
6… Promised Land
7… Reign Supreme
8… Sick (Of Being Sick)
9… Hammered Again
10… High As A Kite

Napalm Records

27th March 2015

“Life’s A Bitch”, “Lookin’ Down The Barrel”, “Black Dog” and “Reign Supreme”

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