Matt Pearce and The Mutiny Release a Special 2-Song Video to Celebrate Prince and Peter Green

Matt Pearce and The Mutiny Release a Special 2-Song Video to Celebrate Prince and Peter Green

4th August 2020 0 By Jon Deaux

Following the recent death of the late, great Peter Green, Matt Pearce & The Mutiny are releasing a special 2-song video to honour “Green” and “Purple” gods: Peter Green and Prince: both major musical heroes of Matt and big influences on his own music, not to say on entire genres.

 Matt explains the inspiration for the video this way: “So there we were, finishing off this ‘live in the studio’ video of the two covers we’ve been ending the Mutiny live show with since show #1, played every night to pay homage to two of my biggest musical gurus: Peter Green and Prince, when with very spooky timing I got the sad news that we’d now lost Peter too…

“This troubled genius, reluctant rock star, musical innovator, inspiration to The Beatles, Jimmy Page, Aerosmith and many others would play on no more. So this musical medley is now a salute and a tribute to their musical transcendence, these songs and others will long outlive the too short but brightly burning lives of these two great musicians.

“All we can do is play from the heart and hope to capture a little glimmer of their brilliance. RIP The Green God & The Purple One.” 

The in-studio performance opens with a purple-tinted cover of Prince’s 1987 ‘Strange Relationship’ that builds in power thanks to exuberant performances from Matt and his fellow Mutineers. Seamlessly, literally without missing a beat, the video segues into colour and Peter Green’s 1969 ‘Oh Well’, released by Fleetwood Mac.



The songs feature some wicked licks and verve that will conjure up memories of Prince and Peter Green as well as entertain your eyes and ears in the here and now, where their influence and inspirational examples still live on.


The tracks can be found on Matt Pearce & The Mutiny’s EP ‘An Ongoing Thing’ out now on Mutinear Records. For more information and to buy the CD visit

Thanks to Joe Lazarus, Kelpie McKenzie, Daliah Sherrington, Joe Mac and Chris Burgham, Soup Studios and Rusty Apper at Mintvision for the video editing.

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