Morgengrau – Extrinsic Pathway

26th April 2013 0 By Rich Dodgin

Extrinsic Pathway



Band: Morgengrau
Album: Extrinsic Pathway
Record Label: Blind God Records
Release Date:  2nd April 2013
Reviewed By: Rich

Track Listing:

1. Extrinsic Pathway
2. Antithetical
3. The White Death
4. Inner Self
5. Choking Grove
6. Grave of Lies
7. Chemosh Enlighten
8. Polymorphic Communion

For Fans of: early Morbid Angel / early Sepultura / Sabbat / late Death

Tracks to check out: Extrinsic Pathway / Inner Self (Sepultura cover)


These days there are far too many death metal bands churning out albums that are unoriginal, clichéd, or downright woeful.  They can’t play, they can’t sing, and they can’t write decent tunes.

Not so with Morgengrau.

Hailing, from Austin, Texas, these guys formed in 2010, and it’s obvious from the moment that opener “Extrinsic Pathway” kicks fully into life, that they have spent the time since then learning their craft and writing some killer songs.

Extrinsic Pathway is an album of old school death metal, with a twist.  This harks back to the days of late 80’s / early 90’s death and speed metal, with detuned guitars, hooky rhythms, and dynamic riffs.  Add to that a sprinkling of progressive metal influences and the result is an album that manages to sound fresh yet classic, with a style all of its own.

There are elements of early Morbid Angel and “Beneath the Remains” era Sepultura in some of the guitar work and song structures, with each track developing as it plays and avoiding deterioration into mindless repetition.  The tracks are brutal but catchy, and there is a real sense of skilful composition to them.

Vocalist Erika (Tandy) Morgengrau is the former Ignitor frontwoman, and is well known in the Texas scene for her fierce performances.  Here, her guitar work is inspired, and her vocals are powerful and raw throated in a traditional death metal style, with the occasional Martin Walkyier-esq banshee like screeches adding just the right touch of variety.

Ex-Manifestation drummer, Reba Carls, pounds the skins like a woman possessed, and guitarist Nick Norris and bassist Jacob Holmes shred and groove with real skill and conviction.  Everyone fully contributes, and it feels like this is a group in which each member has been allowed to play to their strengths.

This is a thoroughly professional album by a band that really does deserve to go places.  If you appreciate well played old school death metal but are looking for something more original than the usual clones and rip-off merchants, Morgengrau are for you – check out Extrinsic Pathway now!

Score:   9 out of 10

AATR Approved

User Album Score: {extravote 1}

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