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14th February 2013 0 By Craig
Nettlecarrier Nettlecarrier



Band: Nettlecarrier
Album: Nettlecarrier
Record Label: Indie Records
Release Date: 21st September 2013
Reviewed By: Daniel

So Nettlecarrier have bought out their first full length album coming 5 years after the 2 song release ‘To Strangle the Hero of Heaven’. This Norwegian black metal band went on hold briefly before announcing this debut album. I have to be brutally honest with this, it’s nowhere near the standard of their 2007 release and with the somewhat already crowded black metal music scene, this band will not get any further if they don’t return to their 2007 epics.

This album gets better as it goes along as some very average songs are at the start of the album and the best song of the album comes at the very end. This song is called ‘Cup of Lethe’ and although it isn’t great it is better than the rest. There are a few moments of quality scattered throughout this album although these could all be put into one song, which would be the quality needed to make it in Black Metal.

Songs such as ‘I HelveteKristus Skal Forgaa’ are very average and bring nothing atall new and exciting. It’s nothing like the quality they showed in the ‘To Strangle the Hero of Heaven’ but this may just show the inexperience this band has.

If this band gain some experience touring and finding out what people like in Black Metal, they may soon realise the possibilities they have but if they keep going along the lines of this album they will not get far. I hope they return to their older style then they may make a breakthrough in the concrete block that is the Black Metal music scene.



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