NOCTUM – Final Sacrifice

NOCTUM – Final Sacrifice

12th November 2013 0 By Mark Booth

Up next for my lovelies is NOCTUM who hail from Sweden and this is their second¬†album. NOCTUM play a blend of 70/80’s rock/metal…yes a revival is supposedly in¬†the air. “Final Sacrifice” is a concept album ala MERCYFUL FATE and each song¬†narrates a portion of the tale to the listener, however unlike Power Metal you can¬†listen to the tracks out of sync and they still make sense with the lyrics. What¬†stands NOCTUM out of the current revival crowd is that they don’t look back at just¬†one style for inspiration from metals vast history but draw upon Doom, Death,¬†NWOBHM, classic guitar rock and even Blues to inspire their sound.

The riffs are what make this album are they are dark, doomy, thick, hearty, groovy,¬†meaty riffs that hook the listener but don’t rely on much fret wanking. Some of the¬†riffs gallop along, others are just eerie and some build up into a furious maelstrom¬†of riffage that blow you away. The vocals on the album also fit the music quite well¬†and although some of the lyrics are cheesy and some of the high pitched shrieks¬†aren’t really scary or evil like the band try to portray, but its good fun. The only¬†problem with NOCTUM¬†is that they definitely have the potential and if they did a¬†gimmick, like say GHOST and there costumes and stage etc, then they would be¬†massive. However they let the music do the talking and (sadly) some people aren’t¬†going to see past that, a good way to describe NOCTUM¬†would be to say GHOST but with¬†a more MERCYFUL FATE influence than BLUE OYSTER CULT in the music. So you would have¬†thought that people would be lapping this up…only time can tell?

Another criticism is the random flute intro on “The Revisit”…its not as bad as it¬†sounds but just pops up randomly, however the song starts to build up and gets back¬†more to the atmosphere of the album. However some tracks on the album are classic¬†and I highly recommend people check out “A Burning Will“, “Temple of the Living¬†Dead” and “Deadly Connection“. NOCTUM¬†are good band and this is a very solid release¬†and I hope they just get better as I can see big things for NOCTUM¬†, however they¬†should drop the evil gimmick…
Score: 8 out of 10

AATR Approved








Noctum-Final-Sacrifice-1024x1024ALBUM INFO

Album: Final Sacrifice
Record Label: Metal Blade
Release Date: 28th Oct 2013

Track Listing:

1… Conflagration
2… Liberty In Death
3… Resurrected in Evil
4… Deadly Connection
5… Void of Emptiness
6… The Revisit
7… A Burning Will
8… Temple of the Living Dead
9… Azoth

Standout Tracks: “Deadly Connection”, “Void of Emptiness”, “A Burning Will” and¬†“Temple of the Living Dead”


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