One Outta Ten  Release Brand New Video  “SCREAM!!!”

One Outta Ten Release Brand New Video “SCREAM!!!”

10th July 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Emerging indie rock band, One Outta Ten, have officially released a brand new video to their latest single, “SCREAM!!!“. This anthemic single serves as a glimpse to their upcoming album, “Better Days“, set for release on August 9, 2024.

Speaking on the release of the new “SCREAM!!!” video, frontman Josh de Leon shares:


“This is a video taken from our performance at Transplants Brewing Company in Palmdale. We play the album version of “SCREAM!!!” in its full, eight-minute entirety. The extended outro was improvised between me, JT, and Tyler when we were warming up at a practice back in November 2023 before David and Mark showed up. It ended up becoming a sprawling sonic journey to make something special. I think the live version we ended up capturing from this video really shows our band chemistry, and how much fun we have just playing music together. There are cuts of some handcam footage from a roadtrip I took earlier this summer, one I was supposed to take with my dear dad. Since the song and upcoming album are all about processing grief, I figured this would be a great way to pay tribute with the video. 

Also I am not wearing shoes at any moment during this video. Enjoy ‘SCREAM!!!


As the release of their junior album nears, One Outta Ten continue to meld their heartfelt lyrics and exuberant melodies to further their reputation as one of the most promising indie bands at the moment. Fueled by the passion and raw emotion that characterize their music, the band’s forthcoming album, “Better Days,” promises to deliver a heartfelt mix of powerful anthems and introspective ballads.


While seamlessly blending indie rock/pop with pop punk, “Better Days” delves into themes of friendship, loss, and the journey to find one’s path in life. Sprinkling in the elements of folk and bedroom pop throughout the album as well, One Outta Ten explore the complexities of grief with their poignant lyrics, all while actively healing from the loss of a loved one. Serving as a testament to the band’s resilience, this upcoming record stands to showcase their growth – both musically and personally.


Stay tuned for more One Outta Ten news coming soon.

One Outta Ten

“Better Days” EP

Track Listing:


  1. How To Phone Home
  2. Down and Out
  3. Michael Cera
  4. All Roads
  5. Forever
  6. One Long Fog
  7. Rose Tea
  8. SCREAM!!!
  9. Friends/Anyways
  10. Better Days



    Hailing from Los Angeles, One Outta Ten is an indie rock band that effortlessly captures the triumphs and turmoils of growing up. With a raw live energy and a keen ear for infectious melodies, this five-piece outfit weaves together anthemic hooks and relatable lyrics with frenetic instrumentation. From unruly smog-dripping surf rock riffs to earworm refrains, the music of One Outta Ten is an invitation to both revel in the chaos and find comfort in the shared human experience. One Outta Ten is ready to become the soundtrack to your coming-of-age movie, equal parts turbulent and beautiful. Buckle up for the ride.

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