Parasite live o2 academy2 Islington gig review

9th April 2013 0 By Craig

Band: Parasite

Venue: O2 Academy 2, Islington, London

Reviewed By: Daniel


So I arrived at the small but atmospheric o2 academy2 Islington with high hopes for the band I was to review; Parasite. As they were giving out free copies of their debut EP called Hammer Rage, it was clear they were a new band looking to take off. So they strolled onto the stage very calmly and begun playing, and set the stage alight! I couldn’t believe that this band weren’t already playing massive venues, I’m not just saying this to be nice, they were really, really that good. I had a quick word with the bassist before they started who seemed very calm and normal, but once they started playing, he really went crazy, but in a way which showed that this band loved what they were doing. They all looked like a very close knit group and so all the timings were perfect and nothing went wrong at all through the whole half hour set. Considering this was their first EP release show, it looked like they had the experience of a band that had played together in many shows.

They played a selection of songs mostly from their EP but the best song of the night was the feature song from the EP ‘Hammer Rage’. When they started playing this, my mate I was there with almost instantly turned round and said ‘Metallica’. The influence from Metallica and bands like that was very clear, although they also had their own musical ideas. The only criticism I could have of this band would be to have something added to their set like a signature to tell them apart from the rest of the bands in the metal genre, as they do seem to be too similar to many other bands to make a breakthrough right now. Although this being said, I can still see this band making headway very soon. I’ll look forward to seeing where this band goes from here and hopefully see them again next time they come to London.
Great stuff.
7 out of 10
Readers album score: {extravote 1}


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