Phil Collins  5-LP Vinyl Boxset of ‘Both Sides (All The Sides)’

Phil Collins 5-LP Vinyl Boxset of ‘Both Sides (All The Sides)’

11th July 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Phil Collins’ fifth solo studio album ‘Both Sides’, it is to be reissued as a special edition 5-LP box set. Released on 20 September, the pre-order is available now from


This deluxe edition contains the remastered full original album, cut at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, and is a compendium of early demo tracks from the recording of the album as well as rarities from the singles originally released on the album – ‘Both Sides of the Story’, ‘Everyday’ and ‘We Wait and We Wonder’. ‘Both Sides (All The Sides)’ brings this full collection together with live tracks from the era, such as ‘Can’t Turn Back the Years’, ‘Both Sides of the Story’ taken from Collins’ MTV Unplugged performance, ‘Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore’ and more, as one release for the first time on vinyl. The set is housed in a slipcase with picture sleeves and a 16-page booklet containing newly-written and extensive liner notes by esteemed journalist Michael Hann. 


Proclaimed by Collins as his most personal album to that point in his career, ‘Both Sides’ originally released in 1993, is Phil Collins’ fifth album and was written, performed and produced all by Collins himself at his home studio in just six weeks. In a 2016 interview with The Guardian newspaper, Collins named it as his “favourite album from a songwriting and creative perspective”, going on to reveal how “… the songs just streamed out of me, and as a writer, that’s the kind of thing that you dream of.”


Upon its original release, the album reached number one in the UK and throughout Europe as well as number 13 in the US, it has gone on to be a global multi-platinum-selling album. 


As written by Michael Hann in his notes, “Time has magnified its virtues, and perspective has amplified its truths. Both Sides may not have been the monster hit its predecessors were, but it might be the most important record in the Phil Collins discography.”



Also announced today is ‘Live From the Board: Official Bootleg’. A limited-edition 10-inch vinyl for Black Friday Record Store Day (29 November 2024). A four-track EP that was originally released in 1995 with songs recorded on the Both Sides tour in 1994 under the artist name Phil Collins & The Indescribable Din and features the tracks ‘Sussudio’, ‘Easy Lover’, ‘Separate Lives’ and ‘My Girl’.



‘Both Sides (All The Sides)’

LP 1  Side A – Original Album

Both Sides of the Story

Can’t Turn Back the Years


LP 1  Side B  – Original Album

I’ve Forgotten Everything

We’re Sons of Our Fathers

Can’t Find My Way

LP 2  Side C  – Original Album


We Fly So Close

There’s a Place for Us

LP 2  Side D  – Original Album

We Wait and We Wonder

Please Come Out Tonight

LP 3  Side E

Can’t Find My Way (Demo)

Hero (Demo)

Both Sides of the Demo (Early Demo)

Everyday (Early Demo)

LP 3  Side F

Don’t Call Me Ashley

Rad Dudeski

For a Friend

I’ve Been Trying

LP 4  Side G

Both Sides of the Story (Live)

Can’t Turn Back the Years (Live)

Survivors (Live)

LP 4  Side H

Everyday (Live)

We Wait and We Wonder (Live)

Both Sides of the Story (MTV Europe Unplugged)

LP 5  Side I

Hang in Long Enough (Live)  

Hand in Hand (Live)

Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore (Live)

LP 5  Side J

Always (Live)

Stevies Blues (There’s a Place for Us Instrumental)

Take Me With You

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