Prong – Age Of Defiance E.P

Prong – Age Of Defiance E.P

11th November 2019 2 By John Deaux

The Age Of Defiance E.P ends 2 years of silence  from Prong. Zero Days was quite simply a great record and was going to be a hard act to follow.

Although The Age Of Defiance is only 5 tracks and 3 of them LIVE (Rude Awakening, Another Worldly Device and Cut Rate) and to put it bluntly, FUCKIN’ INCREDIBLE SOUNDING. The 2 new studio tracks are stupendous. 

The title track (Age Of Defiance) kicks major booty. Massive chugging riff, big ass drums, a rumbling bass and a vocal performance that is genre defying.  

Just when you think it can’t get any better, along comes End Of Sanity. Staggering in it’s simplicity yet amazingly effective. The 2 new tracks are reminiscent of Force Fed era Prong, just brought into the now.

It’s classic with a contemporary feel.

If Age Of Defiance and End Of Sanity are any sort of indicator of a full up and coming Prong album, fans are going to be ridiculously happy. 

New Prong = Old Prong
Score 10/10
Track List

01. Age Of Defiance
02. End Of Sanity
03. Rude Awakening (live)
04. Another Worldly Device (live)
05. Cut-Rate (live)

Release Date
November 29th 2019

For all things Prong, click HERE and to purchase the E.P, click HERE

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