Psychostick – Obey The Beard (EP)

Psychostick – Obey The Beard (EP)

4th March 2014 0 By Thomas Haywood Jr.

Okay, so this is pretty rad. Psychostick, besides hating the name (their was a band on a terrible MTV reality show named Psychostick), are a fun-loving, beard praising, party hungry metal band that brings countless other bands to mind.

Something about the riffing and bass tone on the track reminds me of Galactic Cowboys (love ’em), although others might reference S.O.D. or Anthrax as well. Lyrically as I’m sure you already figured out, these guys take more cues by way of Tenacious D than say, Slayer.

The music is cool, the lyrics are fun, and I can only imagine what a live show from these guys would be like. The band are even able to incorporate a quick rendition of Six Mix-A-Lot’s ” Baby Got Back in the mix! Rawrb!’s vocals are very Devin Townsend at times, diverse,  and perfect for the style.

The band are even able to incorporate a quick rendition of Six Mix-A-Lot’sBaby Got Back“! Not sure how their other songs hold up, but Obey the Beard is definitely a song I’ll be sharing a Youtube link with my friends over! Cheerz Gents!  And by the way, before you listen to this track GROW A BEARD!

Score: 8

ALBUM INFOpsychostick

Track Listing:
1. Obey the Beard

Record Label:

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