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All good things come in threes. Aristotle wrote this way back in the 4th Century. Omne trium perfectum; everything that comes in threes is perfect. And so, Ruts DC completes the trilogy of their ‘ELECTRAcoustic’ series with volume 3, released via Sosumi Recordings. Recorded once again at Perry Vale Studios, South London, with Jessica Corcoran and mixed and mastered by Greg ‘Wizard’ Fleming at Jamm Studios, Brixton, ‘ELECTRAcoustic Vol: 3’ is another deep dive into the vast musical pool that encompasses both Ruts DC and The Ruts.    

Whilst Ruts DC’s reputation as one of the most vibrant and high-energy forces to be spawned from the late seventies punk explosion is assured, the stripped-down acoustic side of their persona has really come to the fore in recent years. From their first acoustic gig at the much missed 12 Bar Club in Central London, back in February of 2014, their stripped-down sets alongside their full-blown electric performances have become a highly anticipated event at Rebellion Festival every year and now the band are set to take their acoustic show on the road for a full UK tour in July to celebrate the release of Volume 3.

“I think we’d definitely gained a lot of confidence from the fantastic and surprisingly raucous reception to our acoustic sets at Rebellion Festival,” admits bassist and vocalist John ‘Segs’ Jennings. “The first question regarding doing a third volume though was ‘what songs are we going to do? Which ones haven’t we done yet?’ But we quickly had a short list of 36 songs that we thought might work.”

Honing the list down to twelve choice songs, ‘ELECTRAcoustic Vol: 3’ features cuts from The Ruts glory days (‘Society’, ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Human Punk’, ‘Dope For Guns’, Secret Soldiers’, ‘Jah War’) alongside tracks from 2016’s radiant return with the ‘Music Must Destroy’ album (‘Vox Teardrop’) and 2022’s incendiary ‘Counterculture?’ album (‘Too Much’, ’Pretty Lunatics’), and for the first time in the series, we’re treated to a brand new song with ‘Bound In Blood’.

“I’d started the song at home with just acoustic bass and vocals with a view to it being a full band production but as we started working it through, it seemed like a real contender for this album, it just kinda fitted in. Now it seems to be everyone’s favourite,” says Segs. “Acoustic versions of full band songs are one thing, but starting a song acoustically sets up a whole different intention. ‘In A Rut’ was actually like that and ‘Bound In Blood’ is the same so it all makes sense really.”

“In general, though, all three of these albums are about re-interpreting our songs in a different format. The messages remain the same and, in most cases, they become even more intense.”

Ruts DC are:

Segs Jennings – lead vocals/acoustic guitar/acoustic bass

David Ruffy – drums/percussion/vocals

Leigh Heggarty – acoustic guitar/electric guitar/backing vocals


Catch Ruts DC live on tour at the following dates in July:

ELECTRacoustic Tour 2024

Tue 9th July WALTHAMSTOW Trades Hall

Wed 10th July BRIGHTON The Albert
Thur 11th July BEDFORD Esquires
Fri 12th July HUDDERSFIELD The Parish

Sat 13th July NUNEATON Queens Hall
Sun 14th July DERBY Hound Dog
Tue 16th July WORCESTER Marrs Bar
Wed 17th July BRISTOL Fleece
Thur 18th July YORK Crescent
Fri 19th July DUNFERMLINE PJ Molloys 
Sat 20th July STOCKTON Georgian Theatre 
Sun 21st July CARLISLE Old Fire Station
Fri 26th July WORCESTER Marrs Bar  
Sat 27th July DARWEN Library Theatre


‘ELECTRacoustic Volume Three’ is out via Sosumi Recordings.

‘ELECTRacoustic Volume Three’ track-listing:

  1. Vox Teardrop
  2. Dope For Guns
  3. Formula Eyes
  4. Too Much
  5. Secret Soldiers
  6. Pretty Lunatics
  7. Jah War
  8. Tears On Fire
  9. Bound In Blood
  10. Human Punk
  11. Whatever We Do
  12. Criminal Minds
  13. Society

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