Saint Apache Share New Video Ahead of Eagerly-Awaited E.P.

Saint Apache Share New Video Ahead of Eagerly-Awaited E.P.

18th February 2019 0 By John Deaux

Saint Apache reveal their new video for  Amongst Vultures: another razor-sharp, hard-hitting, high-octane track from the up-and-coming, politically-committed band.

Amongst Vultures bristles with hardcore drive and edge. The fast-paced track is from Saint Apache’s 4-track EP Black Days, where it shares the limelight with The Shameful,  Strive to Survive, and Tory Man. All Saint Apache’s material displays their energy, anger and conviction, not to mention their skilled musicianship and trademark, full-frontal, never-giving-it-less-than-100% performance.

Thom Meredith’s raw, super-charged vocals front the song, with Adam Oarton’s drums pounding a powerful, primal beat whilst Leo Burdett’s lead guitar and Ross Towner’s powerful bass drive the music and message home with vigour and verve.

And as with all Saint Apache’s material, there’s political depth and clout to the song.

It’s about the struggles of modern society,” the band explain, “and how we are trapped In a bubble of technology and greed, filling us with self-doubt, hate and fear while the vultures (i.e. government) sit back and chew on the carcass of the slave population beneath them.”

Vivid imagery, no-holds barred lyrics and a tsunami of sound and skilled musicianship bringing the message home. That’s the Saint Apache way!

Check out this dynamic, rising band: a band that’s got something to say, at a time they passionately feel it needs to be said. Black Days will be released next week on 22nd February 2019.

The EP will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Google play; also streaming on Deezer, Spotify, and Apple Music. Physical copies will also be available via the band’s Facebook page.

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