Shinedown, Starset, Press to Meco, Academy, Manchester 31-10-2018

Shinedown, Starset, Press to Meco, Academy, Manchester 31-10-2018

6th November 2018 0 By Craig Hutton

Shinedown, Starset, Press to Meco, Academy, Manchester

Gigging mid-week is a bit difficult for a lot of people but when Shinedown are in town all rulebooks go flying out the window and tickets sold out in 51 mins.

Press To Meco


Starting the evening off was Croydon’s finest Press to Meco with their hard working Alternative Rock, warming the crowd up nicely with lots of clapping and singing along. I thought the songs started a bit slowly but by song 3 started to liven up a bit and got the crowd excited and by the final few song they had me banging my head to the music.










As the main support took to the stage I got the meaning of the name Starset as band members appeared on stage dressed in spacesuits covered in lights and a very large back video screen and a drummer shielded behind a Perspex screen. As a performing arts band they gave an amazing performance with great stage presence and some quality vocals although due to the low lighting too show the illuminated suit it was a bit difficult to see the singer. I thoroughly enjoyed their set and look forward to them returning to Manchester in the future










This is the 4th time of seeing Shinedown and it all started in this venue 8 years ago and over the last 8 years and 4 albums I have seen them progress into one of America’s leading rock bands and a big favourite with British rock fans, with each album getting better, as do the amazing stage shows they perform, with new laser lighting being bounced of reflector platforms. Starting this show with Devil from their new album “Attention Attention” which was one of many from the new album, plus several classics including fans favourite Simple Man and Diamond Eyes. All in all another fantastic show from Shinedown and can’t wait for the next tour


1. Devil
2. Diamond Eyes
3. Cut The Cord
4. Black Soul
5. I’ll Follow you down
6. Get Up
7. Bully
8. State of my Head
9. How did you Love
10. Kill you Conscience
11. Enemies
12. Second Chance
13. Don’t Look back (Acoustic)
14. Simple Man
15. Sound of Madness
16. Brilliant

Review & Photography by Craig Hutton


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