Shredders of Metal kicks off on BangerTV today

Shredders of Metal kicks off on BangerTV today

24th July 2018 0 By John Deaux

BANGER FILMS today premiered its original digital series SHREDDERS OF METAL kicking off a special “Shredders‘ Week” on BangerTV‘s YouTube channel. All six episodes will air this week – one each day – until the finale on Saturday July 28.
SHREDDERS OF METAL is the first talent competition show dedicated to heavy metal music. Seven guitarists from across Canada showcase their shredding skills for a panel of three judges: Alex Skolnick (Testament), Daniel Dekay (Diemonds, BangerTV) and Sam Dunn (Banger Films Co-Founder).  The series is hosted by Yuk Yuk‘s comedian and BangerTV host Blayne Smith.

Each episode features a different challenge testing heavy metal guitar creativity and skill. A highlight of the series is judge Alex Skolnick performing his solo for Testament‘s “Practise What you Preach.”
Here‘s a complete list Shredders Week episodes and challenges:
Monday July 23 (Series Premiere!) Shredder‘s Choice:
Each contestant performs an original 60-second shred, free-style.
Tuesday July 24, Speed Kills:
Alex Skolnick of Testament performs his solo for “Practise What You Preach.” Contestants must replicate a section at ever-increasing speeds.
Wednesday, July 25: Metalize This!
Five remaining contestants are assigned a children‘s song to perform in a metal style of their choice.
Thursday July 26, The Big Score:
Four remaining contestants are given a short video and must create an accompanying original score.
Friday July 27, Figure Shredding:
Three remaining contestants perform as many techniques as they can, which is given a score of 1-10.
Friday July 28 (Season Finale) Shred or Die:
The final two contestants fight it out in an epic guitar battle until only one survives!

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