Siberian Meat Grinder – Hail To The Tsar / Versus The World

Siberian Meat Grinder – Hail To The Tsar / Versus The World

3rd May 2015 1 By Suzie Rottencrotch

Now this is some seriously cool shit – punk / thrash crossover from Russia !

Siberian Meat Grinder have been together since 2010 and play an impressive blend of crossover thrash.  They’ve created quite a following for themselves, playing at a numerous festivals across Europe and in Russia, and have also played a couple of European sellout tours.  From the videos and digi-pak booklet it’s clear that the band are heavily inspired by Moscow underground street culture, especially skateboarding and illegal graffiti, as well as by the universe of the band’s mascot – the Bear-Tsar.

This Dirty Six Records / Destiny Records CD includes both of the band’s previously released EPs (2012’s Hail To The Tsar, and 2013’s Versus The World) and comes with a bonus track featuring Russian ska-punk legends Distemper.

It’s fantastic stuff.  It’s impossible to sit still while listening to the music, and I found myself wanting to jump around the room as I was trying to write this review!  From start to finish this is high ferocity full speed crossover with no filler.

To see exactly what I mean, watch the official ‘From The Dust Returned’ video –

The band are now working on a full-length album, and on the basis of this release I will definitely be picking up a copy.  The band are meant to be amazing live, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that they come to the UK some time soon !

If you like your crossover punk / thrash then this is definitely worth checking out, because this 11 track CD is awesome stuff from start to finish.  Check out the links below, and order yourself a copy !

Score: 8 out of 10

AATR Approved

ALBUM INFOSMG_front_small

01 – Hail To The Tsar
02 – Still In The Game
03 – Chainsaw In The Dark
04 – Slay The Dragon
05 – Laughing In Your Face
06 – From The Dust Returned
07 – Die On The Road
08 – Fukk Your Life
09 – Siberian Keelhaul
10 – Fire From The Grave
11 – SMG feat Distemper – Fire In The Heart

CD: 24th April 2015 CD  (LP in August tba)

Record Label
Dirty Six Records & Destiny Records

Additional Info
Vladimir the Grand Tormentor – Lead Vocals
Robert the dark Shaman – Lead Vocals
Maximilian the Merchant of Plague – Guitar
Yuriy the bloody Nomad – Guitar
Artemus, Engineer of Obliteration – Bass
Ches, morbid Whip of Decay – Drums

Produced and mixed by Denis Orlovsky at Grad Studio
Mastered by Artiöm Rukovichkin
All songs written by Siberian Meat Grinder


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