Sinister Visions Records – A new metal record label with a new business model!

Sinister Visions Records – A new metal record label with a new business model!

25th October 2017 0 By Jon Deaux

The current music industry model doesn’t work – it’s time to rethink the business model, shake it up a bit and try something new!

Sinister Visions Records are a new independent label with a fresh perspective. One that will support exceptional artists who have a lot of potential but aren’t necessarily seen as commercially viable.

They are currently raising funds to launch their new way of thinking, business-ethical artist-friendly Heavy Metal record label in Greater Manchester, UK. They will be focusing mainly on Thrash, Death, Extreme and Black Metal bands but are not limiting themselves to these genres. If a band can start a decent pit going at a gig then they are most welcome!

Here is what Sinister Visions Records told us:

“Put simply, the only people making money at the moment is Record Labels and this has to change because if bands don’t make money then they cannot survive.

Our business model is this….the band pays for the studio time, recording costs, mixing and mastering costs. The label pays for the cost of putting the finished album onto CD, LP and/or Cassette (whatever is agreed with each band), it also pays for any necessary advertising and PR costs.

Any profits from the sale of music after production, advertising costs and monthly donations (oh, we forgot to mention that didn’t we? A set percentage which is to be confirmed but likely around 10-15% will be donated to mental health chariites) is split 50/50 with the band.

We are by no stretch classed as “tree huggers” but we are mindful enough about the planet and switched on enough to know that we would prefer and insist on (where possible) to use recycled packaging and materials for all our releases. We have been pricing up the costings involved such as recycled card for all digipack releases and vinyl record sleeves etc and these are not much more (if at all) than the costings of non-recycled materials but as that big supermarket chain says – “Every little helps”.

The label is going ahead no matter what, what this campaign will do if we reach the goal is to make the launch happen quicker, it will allow us to sign more acts and help with the advertising costs.”

Please, if you love metal as much as we do and like us you want artists to get fair recompense for their work then do visit our Kickstarter page and pledge….we will love you forever!

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