Stevie Pearce and The Hooligans – Album Launch Bannermans, Edinburgh, 07/09/2017

Stevie Pearce and The Hooligans – Album Launch Bannermans, Edinburgh, 07/09/2017

8th September 2017 1 By John Deaux

Speaking to Stevie prior to tonight’s gig I asked him if he could describe the album in 3 words. FUCKING HARD WORK was the response

Well, with the 1st show under his belt. That hard work is about to pay off.

AATR were lucky enough to get a copy of the album for review and our listening pleasure. What the album didn’t prepare us in the office for was how killer these tracks sound live.

It was also very hard to fathom that this was the bands first show together as Richard Jones, Dave Sanders and Lewis Clarke were tighter than a nuns chuff and bugger me with a broom handle not only is Stevie an accomplished guitarist, (you may have seen him live in the UK with Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate and also with Warrior Soul, if so you’ll know what I’m talking about) but the boy sure can sing live.

There’s a stunning version of Johnny Cash‘s Folsom Prison Blues on the album. Live, it’s a whole different monster. It has to be heard to be believed.

The stand out moment for me was ‘Til Something Better Comes Along. It’s one of those songs that deserves to live forever. It’s the kind of track that all bands & musicians strive for. Their perfect song. Some, struggle from day 1 and never come up with that perfect track. Then you have people like Stevie Pearce, who come along, releases a debut album and there’s THAT song staring you right in the face. 

If you’ve heard the album, you’ll understand that Pearce writes from personal experience. Stevie told me earlier tonight that ‘there’s been a lot of things that have happened in my life. Where some may turn to drink, drugs and even murder, I write about it. That way I can deal with it in my own way and move on. Once it’s out there it’s dealt with. That’s what makes this album believable.’ and it doesn’t get much more believable than seeing ‘Til Something Better Comes Along performed live & watching Stevie quite literally going through all the emotions that that particular song invokes.

Stevie and The Hooligans left the audience, incredibly, hot, sweaty and thoroughly entertained. The band themselves, also coated in copious amounts of sweat, obviously had a fun time on the stage together and left, giving everything they had and a whole lot more.

Tonight will go down as an “I swear I was there” moment. I can safely say there was just around 50 people who witnessed something magical in Bannermans.

If tonight’s show was anything to go by, Stevie Pearce and The Hooligans are going to kick your ass.

Get yourselves along to one of the dates listed below. They are well worth seeing. 


7 LIVE at Bannermans Bar, 212 Cowgate, EH1 1NQ Edinburgh

8 LIVE at The Snooty Fox, 1 Brunswick Street, WF1 4PW Wakefield

9 LIVE at the IRON ROAD, 140 High Street, WR114EJ Evesham

14 LIVE at The Lounge, 1 Archway Rd, N19 3TD London

15 LIVE Sanctuary Live UK, 18 London Street, RG21 7NT Basingstoke 

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