Suicidal Tendencies – 13

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Band: Suicidal Tendencies
Album: 13
Record Label: Suicidal Records
Release Date:  1st April 2013
Reviewed By: Rich


Track List:

  1. Shake It Out
  2. Smash It!
  3. This Ain't a Celebration
  4. God Only Knows…Who I Am
  5. Make Your Stand
  6. Who's Afraid?
  7. Show Some Love?Tear It Down
  8. Cyco Style
  9. Slam City
10. Till My Last Breath 
11. Living the Fight 
12. Life (Can't Live With It…Can't Live Without It) 
13. This World 


For Fans of: Suicidal Tendencies / thrash punk crossover

Tracks to check out: Shake It Out / This World 


It’s been 13 long years since the last full length release from Suicidal Tendencies (2000’s not bad, but far from classic, Free Your Soul and Save My Mind), and in that time we had numerous promises from Mike Muir that a new ST album was imminent.

Instead, we got 3 compilation / teaser albums (2008’s Year of the Cycos, 2010’s No Mercy Fool! / The Suicidal Family, and 2011’s The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour).  And while tracks such as ‘Come Alive’ gave us tantalising hints that Muir and co. still had it, for the most part these albums felt like a desperate mishmash of studio jam sessions, outtakes, and nostalgic re-visits to the Suicidal classics of old.

And so, despite Suicidal Tendencies being my favourite band of all-time, I have to admit that my expectations for ‘13’ were not very high.

Oh ye of little faith.  Twenty-five seconds into the first track, ‘Shake it Out’, with the cries of “Suicidal’s back!”, any doubts I had were well and truly blown away, and I found myself with a huge grin on my face, once again a full convert to the Church of Suicidal.

13’ is an album that manages to capture a bit of everything that Suicidal Tendencies have done before.  It’s hardcore, thrashy, funky, punky, hard-hitting, aggressive as hell, with some groovy riffs and just the right amount of smoother more mellow elements.

It’s clear from listening to the playing on these tracks that Mike Muir has assembled a great band around him.  Dean Pleasants and Nico Santora thrash and shred with style and conviction, and at times you could almost believe that Rocky George or Mike Clark were back in the band.  Tim Williams’ funky ass bass playing is up there with Robert Trujillo’s.  And Eric Moore pounds the skins with real skill and precision.

The songs on this album are all so good that it’s hard to pick out any favourites.  ‘Shake it Out’ is a joyous ST anthem, up.  ‘God Only Knows Who I Am’ has the most amazing ST guitar solo since Rocky George left the band.  ‘Cyco Style’ is pure hardcore and will have the mosh pit going mental with its chorus of ‘We don’t mosh, we fucking slam!’. And ‘This World’ is a mellow laid back tune that finishes things off nicely.

13’ is an album that just gets better with each and every listen.  It’s been a long time coming, but this has been worth the wait.  Suicidal’s back !

Score – 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

Readers album score: {extravote 1}

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