System Paralysis – First Steps to Psychosis

System Paralysis – First Steps to Psychosis

16th May 2015 0 By Tim Jones

System Paralysis are a three-piece hardcore band from Hull. With three EPs under their collective belts, this is their first full length offering. They have a good local following and are on the cusp of breaking through on a bigger scale, having recorded a live session for the BBC this week.

First Steps to Psychosis clocks in at a little over half an hour and it doesn’t disappoint.

Opener, Viral, grabs you from the first second and won’t let go. It’s full of angst-ridden vocals and the right amount of distortion. A bass player who only uses his fingers is unusual within hardcore, and this guy is beyond proficient – dancing all over the fretboard whilst maintaining the powerhouse rhythm section with a drummer who also clearly knows his onions. The fun continues.

Aneathatize [sic] Me is the first song on the album to incorporate a ska element. It’s less like Madness and more like Leftover Crack, which is an absolute plus.

Remedy has a slight Rage Against the Machine feel to it in places and is possibly the mellowest track on the album. It’s still not one for a slow dance though as it picks up pace towards the end and will doubtlessly be a pit favourite.

Body of the Revolution opens with a riff that’s all classic hardcore and again the bassist is having a party. It’s a party for the listener too, as my dogs would attest to, having seeing me moshing around the kitchen to it.

Single, Sub Divide, is pretty much a masterclass in what System Paralysis can do. If one track encompasses the band’s CV, it’s this – there’s hardcore, ska, gang vocals, tempo changes and it’s incredibly infectious.

By the time Warning and Carry On roll around, it’s hard to believe that only thirty-some minutes have passed. It feels like you’ve spent hours getting to know a very promising young band who can expect bright things in times to come.

There isn’t a bad song on this album. It’s no-nonsense and hard-hitting. All the songs clock are around the three minute mark or under and there’s not a guitar solo in sight.

For now, the future of British hardcore is in safe hands.

Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

System Paralysis – First Steps to PsychosisALBUM INFO

Track listing:

1) Viral
2) Bite the Bullet
3) Aneathatize [sic] Me
4) Playing God
5) Social Delirium
6) Wake Up
7) Remedy
8) Body of the Revolution
9) One in Two
10) Sub Divide
11) Warning
12) Carry On

31st January 2015

Warren Records

Band members:
Ollie Smithson – guitar/vocals
Eddie Smithson – drums/backing vocals
Tom Hockney – bass/backing vocals

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