Interview with Brian Wheat – Bassist of Tesla

11th April 2013 0 By Matt Farrington

Brian Wheat Tesla


Tesla Interview – Interview with Brian Wheat 
at HRH AOR Festival 2013
Hi Brian, So How’s things in the Tesla camp?
“Hey man they’re good, cool summer, and then a new record in the fall, it’s time”
So what other festivals are you playing?
“The two shows in Europe and a bunch of shows in America, check it all out on the website, and hopefully we’ll be back next summer here, that’s the plan anyway”
We last saw you at Download 2009 and that was an awesome show
“Yeah it was cool”
I also saw you guys back on the Edisons Medicine tour many years ago ( the third album! )
“Yeah that was a real good tour apart from Hammersmith, we sucked for some reason, it just didn’t work that night, I don’t know why”
One thing I was reading in Classic Rock about ex guitarist Tommy ( Skeoch )
Yeah he said he wouldn’t be adverse to coming back to the band as long as……
“As long as I quit talkin shit about him in interviews, yeah interesting, cause he also said the doors open and it’s not”
From a Fans point of view I’m glad you say that, “ Forevermore” is one of the strongest Tesla album and I wouldn’t want you to step back
“He’s a fuckin dick, and yeah I talk shit about him, cause he talks shit about me, and he started it, because he gets so high that he can’t remember what he say’s and what he say’s is mean and hurtful things about me and then expects me not to retaliate, y’know? But fuck him, I won’t play with him again and they’ll never be a reunion of the five of us if he’s back then I’ll be out, and there’s probably another guy in the band who’d say the same thing and he’s over there ( Frank Hannon ) you give him a little space to talk and he spouts like a minor bird, everyone knows the story I don’t have to tell it and Dave ( Rude – guitarist ) Is great man, it’s been seven years, he’s not with us tonight as he’s just had his first child, and the guitar player from my band Soulmotor is filling in and he’s doin great. Tommy say’s he doesn’t understand the animosity but he created it and now after becoming sober he want’s redemption, man you have to earn redemption.”
So on the band’s that are up and coming who do you rate?
“I’m really bummed out cause my favourite band just broke up – My Chemical Romance, I was a big fan, and I’m a Classic Rock fan and love Zeppelin, Queen etc”
Yeah I’m a big Queensryche fan and can’t believe what’s happening at the minute with those guys
“Yeah I just saw that but it’s not the same without Geoff, I know all the guys and they’re friends but I don’t know the inner mechanics of it all, but it won’t be the same without Geoff, it’s not like you’re replacing the drummer. You couldn’t have Tesla without Jeff Keith, you could certainly have Tesla without me but not the voice, and Geoff Tate equally has that kinda voice. You have bands that move on but to what extent?”
I mentioned that I was personally gutted when Anthrax got back with Joey Belladonna and replaced John Bush (sic)
“I don’t know nothing about that band apart from I supposedly looked like one of em when I was younger ( laughter from all ) I don’t know nothing about Anthrax, I know the name just couldn’t tell you a song”
So what can we expect from you tonight?
“The hits!, what you’d probably wanna hear, no curveballs, just softballs”
One of the guys from the site had never heard of you guys ( Craig ) and I’ve introduced him and he can’t believe he’s missed you for the last 20 years!
“A lot of people say they don’t know us then hear the songs and go, Hey I know that song, and it’s all about the song’s”
So lastly tell me about Soulmotor?
“When Tesla split up I started the band, and we get together when Tesla’s not busy it’s different but it’s cool, come check us out…….”
And I will……
Big thanks to Brian for taking the time out to chat rock to us!!

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