Tomorrow, We Roar

3rd February 2013 0 By Craig

Band: Tomorrow We Roar

Founded May 2011
Reviewed by: Nicci
An infusion of funk, rock, blues and heavy metal make Tomorrow We Roar a must-see band for those wanting an extra bit of cheese and a Route 66 soundtrack in their life (and car). Formed from Cambridge, Preston, Hartlepool and Stranolar (Ireland), these guys will seize your ears like a fish to a hook. With tense vocals and a typically boisterous guitar-driven sound by the ever-so fervent George Morton, vigorous psychedelic riffs by Paul James Curran, thunderous developments from Matt Maverick Murphy and ear-piercing rhythms set down by James Lister, Tomorrow We Roar are like a shot of Bailey’s in a cup of coffee, tastefully vitalizing. You know you want a cup of that…
ON STAGE: At first glance, they look like college boys who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing (as I found Matt looking at some wires in his hands, plugging it in, taking it out, throwing it on the floor and then rinsing and repeating the ‘is it this?’ method twice), but once you get past that, and wait for the apathetically ebullient George to start warming up, you genuinely start to believe – they definitely don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. Rather entertaining.
As soon as they start their set, I’m hooked on ‘Mad’, they are clearly heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Stone Cherry, Jimi Hendrix and Guns N Roses, creating a seductive piece. You know what? Basically – if people ever needed a languidly aggressive baby-makin’ song, you just couldn’t find it anywhere but within Tomorrow We Roar. They are what make’s sex, sex. In fact they are sex.
However it was slightly disheartening with their cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep’, as it just seemed to emasculate the bands potential and as individuals as well. In case you were wondering what my definition of disheartening is, this is how I felt and what I imagined listening to it: a llama drowning with LOTS of cutlery just being thrown everywhere and if a guitar could cry, both were wailing. WAILING.
Don’t be too put off though. That was only one song that pretty much gouged the eyes out of their religion. But they do have other songs y’know. Like their newest song ’04.06’, I was seduced. It was like as though Axl Rose had joined Foo Fighters, replaced Taylor Hawkins with Tim Commerford. If that happened, that would be a miracle. But it won’t, but this is as close as you’ll get. You are suddenly immersed in this acid-tripping 80’s vibe that bleeds out the imagination’s you were too scared to let anybody know what you’re thinking. Definitely a must-hear track. This is probably how Alex’s time of incarceration would sound like in A Clockwork Orange, or the whole of Alex’s life for that matter, minus the classical ambiance and with lyrics.
You can find them on YouTube by tapping in ‘Tomorrow We Roar’ and try your best to get out a good quality from the video’s, ORRR, you could do what most people do when they don’t believe someone and go check them out yourselves! They’re the real ‘Sexbobomb’ band.
5 out of 10

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