Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler – Volume 1

Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler – Volume 1

27th December 2015 0 By Suzie Rottencrotch


Transcending Obscurity is one of my favourite independent music labels, releasing some cracking EPs and albums by some of my favourite Indian metal bands such as AlbatrossFragarakHalahkuhDjinn and MiskatonicPrimitivAgainst Evil and Rectified Spirit.  Not only that, but label owner Kunal Choksi has been building up an international roster of impressive bands including personal favourites PaganizerDrug Honkey and The Dead.

As a special Xmas treat, a sampler album featuring 65 bands from the label is now available for download.  This is great chance to discover new music, and with such a large number of tracks there is something here for everyone – heavy metal, thrash, death metal, black metal, and doom!

This is an incredible compilation of some of the finest new and upcoming metal bands from around the globe.  It’s available now for download (see link below) and you can ‘name your own price’ – so there are no excuses…. what the hell are you waiting for ?!!

Score: 9 out of 10

AATR Approved


01. Deceased (US) – Graphic Repulsion (Death/Thrash Metal)
02. Paganizer (Sweden) – Souls for Sale (Death Metal)
03. Affliction Gate (France) – Devising Our Own Chains (Death Metal)
04. Abyssus (Greece) – Remnants of War (Death Metal)
05. Sathanas (US) – Satan’s Cross (Death/Thrash Metal)
06. Fetid Zombie (US) – Lure of the Occult (Death Metal)
07. Norse (Australia) – Pest (Dissonant Black Metal)
08. The Furor (Australia) – Summoned Obscurity (Black/Thrash Metal)
09. Preludium (Poland) – Sins of Mankind (Spiritual Black/Death Metal)
10. Seedna (Sweden) – Downward Spiral (Live) (Atmospheric Black Metal)
11. The Whorehouse Massacre (Canada) – A.C.S.-4 (Sludge/Doom Metal)
12. The Dead (Australia) – Disturbing the Dead (Sludge/Death Metal)
13. Drug Honkey (US) – Weight of the World (Hypnotic Doom Metal)
14. Albatross (Mumbai, India) – The Empire of Albatross (Heavy Metal)
15. Third Sovereign (India) – Devolution of Mortality (Death Metal)
16. Dormant Inferno (Mumbai, India) – Deliverance (Doom Metal) 11:02
17. Insane Prophecy (Guwahati, India) – The Nihilistic Force of Fear and Ire (Black Metal)
18. Dionysus (Pakistan) – Rain (Black/Doom Metal)
19. Gaia’s Throne (Pune, India) – Crisis (Sci-fi Heavy Metal)
20. Orion (Mumbai, India) – Oh Sweet Ebullition (Progressive Death)
21. Djinn and Miskatonic (Bangalore, India) – Book of the Fallen (Doom Metal)
22. Solar Deity (Mumbai, India) – Circling the Moon (Black Metal)
23. Multinational Corporations (Pakistan) – L.P.C. (Grindcore/Crust)
24. Fragarak (Delhi, India) – Cryptic Convulsion (Technical Death Metal)
25. Halahkuh (Pune, India) – Break the Shackles (Death/Thrash Metal)
26. Wintergate (Jaipur, India) – A Wreath of Mist (Old School Death Metal)
27. Primitiv (Mumbai, India) – World War Zero (Death Metal)
28. Against Evil (Vizag, India) – War Hero (Heavy Metal)
29. Rectified Spirit (Guwahati, India) – Winter in Thine Eyes (Progressive/Heavy Metal)
30. Armament (Kolkata, India) – Gas Chamber (Thrash Metal)
31. Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore, India) – Resisting Another Equation (Progressive Metal)
32. Biopsy (Mumbai, India) – Fractals of Derangement (Brutal Death Metal)
33. Killibrium (Mumbai, India) – Mental Illusions (Death Metal)
34. Gaijin (Mumbai, India) – Dead Planet (Technical Death Metal)
35. Heathen Beast (India) – The Carnage of Godhra (Black Metal)
36. Diabolus Arcanium (Chennai, India) – Of Fire and Ashes (Epic Black Metal)
37. Blackhour (Pakistan) – Wind of Change (Heavy Metal)
38. Zero Gravity (Indore, India) – Screaming Agony (Death Metal)
39. Toxoid (New Delhi, India) – Demon Lust (Black Metal)
40. Wired Anxiety (New Mumbai, India) – Heavily Sedated (Brutal Death Metal)
41. Elemental (Indore) – Inhuman Purge (Death Metal)
42. Falcun (Kolkata, India) – Eye of the Storm (Heavy Metal)
43. Knight (Assam, India) – The Ventriloquist (Heavy Metal)
44. Gypsy (Kolkata, India) – The Shoemaker (Heavy Metal)
45. Sceptre (Mumbai, India) – Hate Infested (Thrash Metal)
46. Exalter (Bangladesh) – Nuclear Punishment (Thrash Metal)
47. Amorphia (Kerala, India) – Leiber Code (Thrash Metal)
48. Dirge (Pune, India) – Swamp (Doom/Sludge Metal)
49. Irritum (Pakistan) – Voice in the Night (Doom Metal)
50. The Grim Mage (Bangalore, India) – Celestial Scrimmage (Doom Metal)
51. Darkrypt (Mumbai, India) – Abstract Submission (Death Metal)
52. Strangulate (Kolkata, India) – Humanity’s End
53. Godless (Hyderabad, India) – Infest (Death Metal)
54. Homicide (Bangladesh) – Hades (Brutal Death Metal)
55. Bonefvcker (Delhi, India) – Ad Infinitum (Death Metal/Grind)
56. Violent Upheaval – Ghar Wapsi (Crush the Agenda) (Grindcore)
57. The Infernal Diatribe (Kolkata, India) – Morbid Evocation (Black Metal)
58. Necrolepsy (Bangladesh) – Engorging the Stillborn (Death Metal)
59. Tyrannizer (Mumbai, India) – Bloodstain (Death/Thrash Metal)
60. Evil Conscience (Kolkata, India) – Grim Shutdown (Death Metal)
61. Ragnhild (Pune, India) – Taven Tales (Viking/Death Metal)
62. False Flag (Pune, India) – Mediacracy (Crust/Punk/Grind)
63. Dead Exaltation (Pune, India) – Fallacy (Death Metal)
64. Eclipse (Guwahati, India) – Dreams of Midnight (Power Metal)
65. Deathscent (Jaipur, India) – Brave Enough (Death/Thrash Metal)

Tracks 01 to 13 are part of the international label, Transcending Obscurity Records and its distribution leg; tracks 14 to 26 are on the sub-label called Transcending Obscurity India, and the rest are all distributed bands.  More information on each of them with links is provided in the song info link on Bandcamp.

Record Label
Transcending Obscurity

Release Date
24th December 2015

Download Link
Official Facebook page

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