Trucker Diablo – Songs of Iron

3rd May 2013 0 By Craig

Songs of Iron


Band: Trucker Diablo
Album: Songs of Iron
Record Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 13th May 2013
Reviewed By: Craig

Track Listing:

  1. Red Light On
  2. Year Of The Truck
  3. The Rebel
  4. Drive
  5. Not So Superstar
  6. The Streets Run Red
  7. Lie To Me
  8. Maybe You're The One
  9. Bulldozer
10. Rock Hallelujah
11. Highway Radio
12. When's It Gonna Rain?
13. Shame On You
14. I Wanna Party With You

For Fans Of: Grifter, AC/DC, ZZ Top

Stand Out Tracks: All of them, you wont be disappointed

Trucker Diablo are back with their follow up album to their debut 'The Devil Rhythm' which was released just over a year ago. 'Songs of Iron' comprises of 14 catchy, ballsy, beer soaked rock anthems that you just want to play over and over again.


'Maybe Your The One' is a modern day power ballad, a truely moving and powerhouse of a song.


'Red Light On' has some really nice riffs and a meaty bass line to compliment them, 'Year Of The Truck' is filled with guitar shredding that sharp you are cut finely into lean slices. 'Maybe Your The One' is a modern day power ballad, a truely moving and powerhouse of a song. I'm sure by now you know from reading my past reviews that I don't go into track by track analysis – I just tell you straight down the line either the album really good or is a bag of steamy shite, this one is definately the former.

Normally, I would say that 14 tracks is way to much for an album, usually I find myself thinking its an ordeal to listen to so many. Not in this case, anything less would have been an injustice. Once you have heard the album a few times and you know the words you will find yourself singing along.

This really is a feel good, rock n roll album. Go out and buy the CD, put it on, crank the volume up, crack open a beer and enjoy – you won't be disappointed! Check out the video for 'Drive' below

Score 9.5 out of 10
AATR Approved

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