Various Artists – I’m A Freak Baby: A Journey Through The British Heavy Psych & Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-72

Various Artists – I’m A Freak Baby: A Journey Through The British Heavy Psych & Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-72

1st August 2016 0 By John Deaux
I’m A Freak Baby: A Journey Through The British Heavy Psych & Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-72 is 3 discs of pure & unadultarted classics.

Featuring such bands as Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Fairies, Edgar Broughton Band, The Yardbirds & many many more, never before has such a compilation of psych been this comprehensive.

A throw back to the turn on, tune in & drop out generation. This set will have you thinking of those who wandered dow to the boutiqie of Granny Took a Trip before making their way to the UFO club to watch Pink Floyds amazing  oil light show or even Strays’ live performance.

The boxset is gorgeous. A lovely 36 page full colour booklet which has liner notes on all the bands contained. The clamshell box design houses 3 cardboard sleeves containing each individul CD.  There’s a shed load of music here. 48 tracks spread over 3 discs & totaling over 3 hours of play time.

There’s some lovely rare tracks like Hawkwind Zoo Sweet Mistress of Pain & Velvet Foggs– Yellow Cave Woman.

I’m A Freak Baby is an immense compilation that has been lovingly put together. Every track is crisp, pristine & mastered amazingly well.

If you’ve seen the documentary Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London then you’ll be aware of the importance of this movement & of course the influence it had on hard rock as well as punk that folowed a few years after.

Score 9/10
AATR Approved

IM-A-FREAKTrack List

1. STRAY – All In Your Mind
2. THE OPEN MIND – Cast A Spell
3. THE MOOCHE – Hot Smoke And Sassafras
4. CRUSHED BUTLER – My Son’s Alive
5. CHICKEN SHACK – Going Down
6. CYCLE – Father Of Time
7. THE DEVIANTS – I’m Coming Home
9. FACTORY – Time Machine
10. THE GROUNDHOGS – Cherry Red
11. WICKED LADY – I’m A Freak
12. CHARGE – Rock My Soul
13. HAWKWIND ZOO – Sweet Mistress Of Pain
14. STONEHOUSE – Nightmare
15. THE IRON MAIDEN – Falling
16. BARNABUS – Apocalypse

2. DEEP PURPLE – Fireball
3. JERUSALEM – Primitive Man
5. HELLMET – Trust
6. SECOND HAND – Rhubarb!
8. IRON CLAW – Skullcrusher
9. DARK – Zero Time
10. THE VELVET FROGS – Jehovah
11. THE MOVE – Brontosaurus
12. STACK WADDY – Bring It To Jerome
13. SAMUEL PRODY – Mr Make Believe
14. BARE SOLE – Flash
15. THE PHOENIX – Street Walking Woman
16. SKID ROW – Go, I’m Never Gonna Let You

1. THE GUN – Race With The Devil
2. BLONDE ON BLONDE – Heart Without A Home
3. THIRD WORLD WAR – Ascension Day
4. EGOR – Street
5. SAM GOPAL – Escalator
6. URIAH HEEP – Gypsy
7. THE MICKEY FINN – Garden Of My Mind
8. THE YARDBIRDS – Think About It
9. MORNING AFTER – Trying To Find My Way Back Home
10. VELVETT FOGG – Yellow Cave Woman
11. ANDROMEDA – Too Old
12. FLEETWOOD MAC – The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)
13. SWEET SLAG – Twisted Trip Woman
14. THE KULT – Occult
15. THE TASTE – Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
16. FUSION FARM – Hollis Brown

For fans of hard rock, metal, music historians & collectors. It’s a no brainer purchase.

Available to order HERE

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