The Vintage Caravan – Voyage

The Vintage Caravan – Voyage

24th December 2013 0 By Mark Booth

Well before the jolly fat man in a red suit visits us I have a nice review of the debut album ‘Voyage’ for you from Icelandic band “The Vintage Caravan”. After a quick look at the album cover (great artwork) then you should know what this young trio sound like. If not then they show their appreciation for the classic acts from the 70’s and if you want songs that are catchy and inspired by a 70’s heavy blues rock then look no further than “The Vintage Caravan”. This is a great album, especially for a debut, and channels the sounds of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Cream, Free, Hawkwind, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Yes and so on.

They produce some crunchy tasty heavy riffs that are supported by a pounding rhythm section that can also add some funk and catchy beats to the mix and topped off by some powerful vocals. The vocalist sounds like a mix between Paul Rodgers and Glenn Hughes and some of the guitar riffs he produces are searing rock riffs, like the solo on the track ‘M.A.R.S.W.A.T.T.’ is powerful and furious. Some songs have a more heavier blues rock and even remind me of early Judas Priest (Sin After Sin and earlier) like the amazing album opener “Craving”, “Let Me Be” and “Midnight Meditation”. While “Do You Remember” is a classic ballad that just blends into the album and “Winterland” shows the band melancholy, atmospheric dreamy psychedelic and trippy side. The only downside to the album is that some of the song writing could be a little improved, some songs seem to just change and on the first few listens you might think you are onto the next track as some songs tempo changes don’t fit very well. While the 11 minute epic closer “The Kings Voyage” is like Black Sabbath and Hawkwind have merged together to perform an epic song to attack your senses with heavy bruising guitar and bass riffs colliding with trippy sounds and vocal effects, it’s like an insane trippy space metal/rock adventure.

While this isn’t a master piece, however you can’t fault it for a debut album, and I really look forward to how they progress in the future. One thing is for certain, “The Vintage Caravan” are a band to look out for in 2014 and I would recommend this album to anyone.


AATR Approved



The Vintage Caravan - Voyage - ArtworkALBUM INFO

Track List:

1… Craving
2… Let Me Be
3… Do You Remember
4… Expand Your Mind
5… M.A.R.S.W.A.T.T.
6… Cocaine Sally
7… Winterland
8… Midnight Meditation
9… The Kings Voyage

LABEL – Nuclear Blast
RELEASE DATE – 10th January 2014 (EU), 13th January 2014 (UK) and 21st January 2014 (USA)

STAND OUT TRACKS – “Craving”, “Do You Remember”, “Cocaine Sally” and “Midnight Meditation”



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