Vocalist Hurricane G of BÖNDBREAKR Interview

Vocalist Hurricane G of BÖNDBREAKR Interview

12th February 2021 0 By John Deaux

BÖNDBREAKR are an old school sounding punk band from Austin Texas. We caught up with the incredible Hurricane G to talk about Louie

Thank you for interviewing me, I love your ‘All About The Pets’ editorial theme. It’d be cool to see all of your pets featured (we might do it), as well – never enough floof!

Thank you for your kind words. It’s not a normal interview.

Now you’ve mentioned the floof. Tell us about Louie


Red Death (BÖNDBREAKR guitarist) and I have one cat named Louie Ronan. He is a 12-year old, rehomed cat who entered our lives at the beginning of the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns. We were scheduled to play a couple of showcases during SXSW, but when that got nixed we were stuck at home wondering when or if we’d get to keep our road show commitments… then that went by the wayside because things got real bad real fast as more and more people became infected and succumbed to the Coronavirus.

How has Louie been helping you through this with this unprecedented situation?

To say that Louie was the ray of sunshine we needed in the midst of uncertainty is an understatement. He came into our lives and our home at just the right time. Literally. The following week, Austin’s mayor all but demanded that businesses shutter up and shut down even as South By flirted with the idea of keeping the festival going. You could almost feel the disappointment settling over the city.


As I wrestled with the anxieties that came with being side-lined by the pandemic, a friend’s Facebook post popped into my feed. She was looking for someone to rehome and care for a sweet-natured fur baby boy named “Louie.” Although he had been taken care of by well-meaning individuals, they weren’t able to continue looking after him. I know that must have been a hard thing to acknowledge, but I respected the decision to rehome him. It was my friend’s unyielding search for someone to care for Louie, and his shining yellow eyes, that compelled me to drive out to Elgin, TX and get him. It was a worthwhile half-hour journey in the pouring spring rain.


Little did I know that not only was Louie bringing with him that unmistakable, unique energy only felines possess, but he was bringing both Red Death and I comfort and hope in what would be one of the darkest times in history.

Louie is incredibly chill so he has helped us relax throughout the past year to now. Most certainly a welcome source of comfort and warmth.

Louie and Red Death

Does Louie wander around the house at night singing cat opera?

Well, we’re convinced that Louie is part wolf because of his maniacal night-time howling. On several occasions, I’ve witnessed him hysterically howling with a mouthful of toys and a wild look in his eyes. Maybe he thinks he’s in the wild or something? It’d be comical if it weren’t so soul-stirring.


So, we’ve established Louie is predominately chilled, a bit weird. But what else? 

Forget the catnip. Nix the birds on sticks. Throw away the plush mice and felt grabbies. There’s only one “trick” Louie’s interested in: lulling either of his parents into a deep state of relaxation to eke out a heaty chin scratching session. He has realized that rhythmic purring on our laps and an outstretched paw on an otherwise untouched hand is all it takes to melt us into the floor. It’s not fair, but he’s the master of persuasion so we’ve resigned ourselves to this reality… sigh…

Have you always been an animal lover? 

Yes, but I didn’t become a cat person until I met my first pets Mr. Black Jaguar Jenkins and Miss Sunshine Marie.


Before they kept me company, I maintained an aquarium of two comet goldfish, named Pookie and Paulette, and a black moor goldfish, named Turbo Negro. All three of them really enjoyed Moondog being played underneath their tank.

It’s funny you should say about the fish and Moondog. When JD kept Cichlids (tropical fish) they loved the Stamping Ground Theme, he thinks they associated it with feeding times. (We think it’s weird too, but then so is he)

Louie and a stolen sweater

How about dressing Louie up?

Listen, if Louie would let me do it, I would but there’s an unspoken If you put me in a direwolf costume or handmade pom-pom lined booties, I will smother you in your sleep vibe that the little one gives off. So, no. I am not one of those people who puts their pets into costumes… yet.


Does Louie like it when you practice at home?

Louie hasn’t revealed his musical tastes yet, although I’m confident he would prefer that I not bellow our tunes at home. But I’ve gotta practice, Louie – sorry, bud.

What about going away, who have you roped in to help to look after him?

All of our family members and friends are pet people, so we rely heavily on their support when we’re away from home. Very good people, indeed.

Speaking of practising, any new music in the pipeline? IF so when is it due and what can your audience expect?

We have a few irons in the fire. We’re still navigating safe practice measures until we’re all inoculated, but I’d like to have some new music out in due time.


Louie enjoying some well earned rest

Have you anything you’d like to say to your fans/followers?

Thank you for all your support and for listening to our music. Everyone’s kind words and sharing the tunes got us through the dark winter. We miss you and can’t wait to rock out. Until then, stay safe and ROCK ON!

Thank you for your time. It’s been a pleasure. We can’t wait for new material and to see you on stage again soon. Enjoy kitty cuddles

Thank you, All About The Rock!

For all things BÖNDBREAKR, click HERE and to purchase product, click HERE

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