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Get ready for a wild ride with Waysted: Won’t Get Out Alive 4CD Set, a collection that’s like a time capsule from the era of big hair and even bigger riffs. This is the auditory equivalent of a hair-raising amusement park ride that defies the laws of gravity and good taste – and you won’t want it any other way!

The first disc Vices, kicks off with the band’s early hits, and it’s clear from the get-go that these guys didn’t come to play nice. They came to rock your socks off and probably steal your girlfriend while they’re at it. Expect raw, unfiltered rock with lyrics that are as subtle as a sledgehammer. Listening tip: Wear sunglasses. Even if you’re indoors.”Disc Two:

Waysted and Won’t Get Out Alive. You might expect the second disc to show signs of wear and tear, but no! The riffs are heavier, the solos longer, and the hair taller. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the Aqua Net being sprayed. The live recordings are where things get wild. The energy is off the charts, and the crowd’s enthusiasm makes you want to jump up and join in.
By the time you’ve started Disc Three,The Good Bad and The Waysted you’re fully indoctrinated into the Waysted way of life. This album embodies the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll with a wink and a nod. It’s loud, fun, and doesn’t care what the neighbors think
The fourth and final disc, Save Your Prayers . This album cements the band’s musicianship with soaring vocals from Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) and gorgeous harmonies aplomb. Save Your Prayers was the album that finally took away the comparison to Pete Ways former band UFO as their cover of CCRs Fortunate Son testifies.
This 4CD box is a wild ride through the early 80’s melodic rock. If you’re a fan of UFO, Tyketto, Y&T, Ratt etc, you’ll get a kick out of this box. Especially the new liner notes.
Score 8/10

Vices (1983)
1 Love Loaded
2 Women In Chains
3 Sleazy
4 Night Of the Wolf
5 Toy With the Passion
6 Right From the Start
7 Hot Love
8 All Belongs to You
9 Somebody To Love
Bonus Tracks
10 Love Loaded
11 Sleazy
12 Night Of the Wolf
13 Right From the Start
14 All Belongs to You
15 Somebody To Love

Waysted (1984)
1 Won’t Get Out Alive
2 The Price You Pay
3 Rock Steady
4 Hurt So Good
5 Cinderella Boys
You Won’t Get Out Alive (1984)
6 You Won’t Get Out Alive
7 Rock Steady
8 Love Loaded
9 Only You Can Rock Me
10 The Price You Pay
11 Toy With the Passion
12 Too Hot to Handle

The Good Bad and The Waysted (1985)
1 Hang ’Em High
2 Hi Ho My Baby
3 Heaven Tonight
4 Manuel
5 Dead On Your Legs
6 Rolling Out The Dice
7 Land That’s Lost The Love
8 Crazy ‘Bout The Stuff
9 Around And Around

Save Your Prayers (1986)
1 Walls Fall Down
2 Black & Blue
3 Singing To The Night
4 Hell Comes Home
5 Heroes Die Young
6 Heaven Tonight
7 How The West Was Won
8 Wild Night
9 Out Of Control
10 So Long
Bonus Tracks
11 Fire Under the Wheels
12 Black & Blue (7’’ Edit)
13 Heaven Tonight (7” Edit)

Release – 26th April 2024
Label –

For all things Waysted, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

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