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Mike Ross’s latest solo album is out today on Taller Records. Choose from either the Deluxe Gatefold Digipak CD ‘Transitions’ edition (with additional audio + lyric poster) or slimmed down streaming only release available on all digital music platforms.


The Clovis Limit Pt 2 is simply a great album. Exquisite musicianship, a production job that belies the fact that Mike tracked almost everything single-handed and a set of songs that effortlessly hook you in, all make for a truly phenomenal album to which you’ll return time and again!’ “ Say SonicAbuse

Mike Ross is best known as a guitarmeister in the Rock, Roots, ‘Southern’ and Heavy Blues scene where he’s admired for amongst many other things, great guitar sounds, not least conjuring epic fuzz, especially as one third of power trio supergroup RHR (named after the line-up of Troy Redfern, Jack J Hutchinson and Mike Ross). But that’s far from the only string to his bow: Mike is also a talented solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter AND producer. As Rushonrock perceptively put it: “Ross boasts a remarkable range of talents and remains a key figure in the NWOCR revival.”

That skillset — juggling excellence in multiple fields — has created ‘The Clovis Limit Pt.2’: an album that’s remarkably strong on multiple fronts. The songwriting is razor-sharp, the vocals are classic rock-style and you’ll find that the album serves as a showcase and stage for Mike’s musicianship on multiple instruments and production skills.

These songs are all faces of my character,” Mike reveals. “Clovis limit is not just one guy. I’m many guys. I am all this, and more. The Clovis Limit is me. Welcome to me and welcome to my universe!” 

Within the album you’ll find originality, variety and often surprises: changes of tempo, melody and instrument in particular which add variety, texture and kick to the Southern-flavoured jambalaya. One minute Mike’s delivering the supercharged  overdriven guitar for which he’s famed in RHR, the next he’s conjuring sweet, eloquent solos and more from his instruments.

All of this was in evidence last night, when Mike and his band (including noted artist “Jade Like The Stone’ guesting on backing vocals) put on an exhilarating live performance of the entire album at Brighton Electric Studios for a selected media audience, streamed to fans. Highlights were many, including a rousing version of the roots fuelled ballad ‘Hammer’ which echoed the spirit of Joe Cocker’s ‘Mad Dog And Englishmen’, to the Stonesy, roots-rock of ‘Don’t Say A Word’ and a couple of instrumentals which wouldn’t be out of place in a classic Allman Brothers record. A collection of left handed vintage guitars certainly made the best sounds this side of Woodstock, Ross has that rare gift of producing soul wrenchingly satisfying guitar tones without any hint of pastiche, or ‘try hard’, such is his mastery of the instrument. 


Reviewers, press and broadcasters have raved, both over the singles that have dropped from the album, and over the whole album as a collection of top-quality material. Great Music Stories, for instance, have made ‘The Clovis Limit Pt.2’ their Album Of The Month for November.

Mike’s material shows constant musical inventiveness, variety and range within the genre. Current single release from the album — ‘Don’t Say a Word’ — ‘was awarded a bronze medal’ in Classic Rock’s Tracks of the Week. For Rushonrock,(Red Hot Track of the Week) this single — and Mike’s music as a whole — stands as a beacon in what are dark times for music:“At a time when the socially-inclusive live music scene is a distant memory,” they say, “this soul-searching single is the voice of hope.”

Mike himself is sharing a special video message, heralding release day: the culmination of 2 years of creative endeavour, and giving his sincere thanks to everyone who’s supported him on the journey.
[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpmapWEkwsY&feature=youtu.be”]

Now available to stream or download on all digital platforms. “’The Clovis Limit Pt 2’ is simply a great album,” as FABRICATIONS HQ says “Ever shifting and intriguing, ‘The Clovis Limit Pt 2’ is another highly effective work from the stylistic fuzzed blues songbook of Mike Ross.” 

Download & stream now on all digital platforms

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