5th July 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

ZACTHELOCUST are poised to release their breathtaking debut album, All I Am, which drops on Friday 30th August. The band have also just unveiled their hooky new single and video, Lazy Days.

Listen to the track, here: . The album is dedicated to lead vocalist, Cory James, who sadly just passed away in May of this year.


Born in 2019 and formed in the beautiful valleys of South Wales, ZACTHELOCUST originally started life as a solo endeavor created by guitarist Keryn Isaac. The project soon grew with long-time friend Robert Baulch keen to handle bass playing duties, and new friends Archie Holland and Ashley Turner arriving on lead guitar and drums. The four-piece diligently worked on their live set, but the songs needed a lift to take them to the next level. After a prolonged search for a lead vocalist, they eventually found Cory James. Upon his arrival, Cory became the perfect fit and brother to his bandmates. He will be deeply missed by everyone within the band’s circle and the wider community.


Before Cory’s passing, ZACTHELOCUST completed work on their debut

album, All I Am. Drawing from influences such as Green Day and Blink 182, as well as Metallica and Thin Lizzy, the album pulls from the craft and guile of alternative rock, and the hooky appeal of pop punk. From beginning to end, this massively alluring record is a stunning statement highlighting the band’s growing songwriting prowess. With a lyrical focus based on love, seizing the day, and extracting the most out of life, the album is as uplifting as it is skillful and powerful. With plans afoot for more future projects, this is a record and band that needs to be heard. 


‘All I Am’ tracklisting:
1. Leap In Dark;
2. Trailblazer;
3. Take Me Away;
4. Hold On;
5. Golden State of Mind;
6. All I Am

  1. RazorBlades & Roses;
    8. This is My Life;
    9. Lazy Days;
    10. Walking Free;
    11. Sunshine In My Heart.


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