AATR PREMIER – JON OF MARS – “Mr. Blue” Official Video

AATR PREMIER – JON OF MARS – “Mr. Blue” Official Video

11th April 2023 1 By Jon Deaux

JON OF MARS Has A Close Encounter Of The Green Kind In “Mr. Blue”

With a penchant for storytelling and odd time signatures, the boys behind Jon Of Mars bring their concept to life, telling tales of Earth through the eyes of an alien. They have been working hard over the pandemic on their debut album “Songs from Nowhere” and now, with gusto, are excited to be bringing it to the ears of all the earthlings. The third single “Mr. Blue” is now being presented in the form of a lyric video and recounts the alien’s adventure with marijuana. Vocalist and guitarist Barrett Holcomb gives more details:

“The alien meets a kind stranger that introduces him to weed via a bong named Mister Blue, here the alien learns that there are ways to mitigate his newfound anxiety by smoking when he also realizes the power of human connection. My neighbor Robbie has a blue bong that we used to hang out and hit, and one day I decided that I wanted to write a song about it. The song is slower and more sludge metal than any others on the album, and it was inspired by bands like DOWN and Windhand, it’s meant to be a nice song to groove along with and relax because that’s what Robbie and I do best.”

Punchy and groovy, the group formed out of a collaboration from a college final project that Jordan Karg was working on. The idea for Jon of Mars came from Holcomb’s middle name coupled with the feeling that they don’t belong in normal human society, so they chose to write from the perspective of an alien.

“Songs From Nowhere” offers seven humorous, thought-provoking, technical progressive metal tracks that will entertain and challenge listeners. It is suitable for anyone who enjoys creative and off-beat writing especially fans of Down, Mudvayne, and GWAR.

Spotify – https://spoti.fi/3UdTCpt

Album pre-order – https://jonofmars.bandcamp.com/album/songs-from-nowhere

Previous singles:

– “Respite” at https://youtu.be/3WlmeqMtNcU

– “Misinformed Nation” at https://youtu.be/xKx7Yh-dvuA

Track Listing:

1. Soultest – 1:21
2. A Respite! – 4:31
3. MisinformedNation – 3:40
4. Azag’s Fable – 3:55
5. Mister Blue – 4:44
6. Inhumane Tragedy – 3:35
7. Ghosts – 5:34
Length is 27:22

Album Lineup:
Barrett Holcomb – Vocals and Guitar
Wendall Holmes – Bass Guitar
Jordan Karg – Drums and Keys

Live Lineup:
Barrett Holcomb – Vocals and Guitar
Wendall Holmes – Bass Guitar
AJ Fry – Drums

For more info: Holcombrecords.wixsite.com/jon-of-mars/ | Twitch.tv/jonofmars | Facebook.com/Marsjonmusicman


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