AATR PREMIER –  LUNAR Video Showtime ft. Paladin’s Taylor Washington

AATR PREMIER – LUNAR Video Showtime ft. Paladin’s Taylor Washington

24th February 2023 1 By Jon Deaux

Lunar is a riveting progressive metal band from Sacramento, USA. They are eager to be releasing their third album “The Illusionist” this March and with that anticipation, proudly present the third single “Showtime” featuring a guest guitar solo from PALADIN’s Taylor Washington. The nine-track concept album tells the story of a magician that questions his entire life’s work. He’s spent his entire life devoting himself to his craft and now he questions if it was worth it. The band expects that the underlying theme is one many people can relate to, especially those who have careers in some kind of artistic field. The single follows the main character as he gets ready to perform, it is high energy and a bit more power metal inspired as the band explains:

“Not letting anyone have a breather from the last single, here’s another fast, high-energy song from the album! This song was actually written last for the album and almost wasn’t included. I thought the album was finished, but something early in the track listing felt like it was missing to me, so I threw this one in and it turned out to be, in my opinion, one of the strongest and most unique songs on the album. This one features an amazing guest guitar solo from Taylor Washington (PALADIN), who is now the only guest who has appeared on all 3 Lunar full-length albums.”

Optimistically, Lunar expects this full-length to be the fan favourite and they consider it the best album they have ever done, the songwriting is stronger, the production is stronger, and every song sounds different, but it’s a strong cohesive record to listen to from front to back.

With lyrics that are based on real-life experiences complemented by proggy riffs, they are recommended listening for fans of Katatonia, Haken, and Caligula’s Horse.

“The Illusionist” is being released on March 3, 2023, via Saibot Reign Records and can be pre-ordered via https://lunarbandofficial.bandcamp.com.

Previous singles:

“Juggling Chainsaws” ft. guest guitar solo Obscura’s Christian Münzner – https://youtu.be/RrA61tilg7k

“Turn Off The World” ft. guest guitar solo from Caliguala’s Horse’s Sam Vallen – https://youtu.be/iNTrk0V4uz4

Track Listing:
1. Prestidigitation – 6:16
2. The Illusionist – 10:04
3. Showtime – 3:45
4. Worship The Sun – 5:23
5. Turn Off The World – 7:14
6. Disassembled – 5:53
7. Juggling Chainsaws – 7:30
8. For My Next Trick – 3:57
9 . Now You See Me – 8:39
Album Length: 58:46

Album Credits:
– Album Produced by: Alex Bosson
– Album Mixed by: Linus Coreliusson
– Album Mastered by: Jens Bogren
– Album artwork by: Travis Smith
– Album layout / design by: Brian Lewis
– Member of ASCAP

Recording Lineup:
Drums & Percussion – Alex Bosson
(Music – Track 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8,9) (Lyrics – Track 2, 3, 5, 6,9)
Guitars – Balmore Lemus
(Music – Track 4) (Lyrics – Track 4, 7
Bass – Ryan Price (Music – Track 8)
Keyboards & Synthesizers – Alex Nasla
Lead Vocals – Chandler Mogel
Growl Vocals – Brian Lewis
Clarinet – Gleb Kanasevich (Track 1)
Saxophone – Patrick Corona (Track 2)
Flute & Saxophone – Jørgen Munkeby (Track 6)
Violin & Viola – Ben Karas (Track 9)
Additional Guitar Solo – Andy Gillion (Track 2)
Additional Guitar Solo – Taylor Washington (Track 3)
Additional Guitar Solo – Sam Vallen (Track 5)
Additional Guitar Solo – Christian Münzner (Track 7)

For more info: 

Facebook.com/lunarbandofficial | Instagram.com/lunarbandofficial | Twitter.com/LunarBandOffcl | YouTube.com/@lunarbandofficial

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