AATR Premier – METRO SOCIETY – “Underground” Lyric Video

AATR Premier – METRO SOCIETY – “Underground” Lyric Video

3rd April 2024 0 By John Deaux

Metro Society is a progressive rock/metal project group from the mind of guitarist/songwriter Chris Mangold. Released this past March, their second album “The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” marks the band’s return after a hiatus along with a renewed lineup, Metro Society promises to captivate audiences with their atmospheric and eerie musical journey into 1800s London. Their third single, complete with a video is “Underground”, which the band details:

“This song takes on perhaps the most unique sounds recorded for the album. The tone of the instruments and lyrics are very much reflective of the underground tunnel-like setting of the storyline. Lots of layered dark keyboard work from Mangold and the chime/crunch tones from bassist Ian Ringler’s 12-string bass work.”

The narrative follows an up-and-coming detective entangled in a murder mystery involving the suspicious death of his former mentor, the retired Metropolitan Police Commissioner. As the detective delves deeper, he uncovers a twisted tale of betrayal, secret societies, and murder, all seemingly linked back to the Ripper. Will the detective unravel the long-hidden secrets of London’s sordid past, or will he become a victim of his own unrelenting obsession?

For the time being, Metro Society is primarily focused on being a studio project band and they are already in the writing stages of the next album which is set to be a direct follow-up to “The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898”. They have the full storyline figured out for “London Chapter II” and roughly 70% of the music is already written. They hint that things will be going in a darker and heavier direction. Metro Society’s atmospheric concept music is recommended for fans of OSI, Pain of Salvation, and Dream Theater.​

Their new album “The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” was released on March 1, 2024, via the band’s own label Metro Society Records, and is available at https://metrosociety.bandcamp.com.


Lyric Video – “City Streets” – https://youtu.be/IWWqrAoOMf4

Lyric Video – “Pieces of the Past” – https://youtu.be/-FXAfead2uI
Track Listing:
1. London 1898 – 2:59
2. City Streets – 7:34
3. Lost Souls – 6:29
4. Pieces of the Past – 9:25
5. Society – 6:37
6. Underground – 5:33
7. Inferno – 7:23
Album Length: 46:02
Album Band Line Up:
Chris Mangold – Guitars / Keys
Ian Ringler – Bass
Will Mangold – Drums
George Margaritopoulos – Vocalist
More info: Metrosociety.net

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