AATR PREMIER  MICHAEL CATTON “Armageddon Again” official video

AATR PREMIER MICHAEL CATTON “Armageddon Again” official video

2nd June 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

“Armageddon Again”, the new single from MICHAEL CATTON, expresses that “Oh no, here we go again” feeling we get every time a new power-hungry madman gets too close to the nuke codes. Sometimes it seems like half the world’s leaders are intent on blowing the planet to bits in an effort to win the world’s highest-stakes pissing contest.


It can’t all be doom and gloom though, so it’s all wrapped in fun, upbeat heavy metal riffs reminiscent of Ozzy and Dio and topped off with the maximum allowed number of notes in a guitar solo.


The doomsday clock stands at 90 seconds to midnight. It begs the question: when will the clock strike twelve?



Michael Catton – vocals

Soren Andersen – guitar

Chris Catton – keyboards, backing vocals

Michael Gersdorff – bass

Allan Tschicaja – drums


Digital single:






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