AATR Premier – MIRAGE “Guiding Light” official video

AATR Premier – MIRAGE “Guiding Light” official video

3rd June 2022 0 By Jon Deaux

In the 80s, MIRAGE was, by just releasing their debut album, a band everybody looked upon as having a great future. It wasn’t meant for them, as problems with the label led to an early disbanded, but time made sure they got the cult status they deserved. “…And The Earth Shall Crumble”, slowly, but steadily, became one of the highest regarded albums in the Danish 80’s metal scene.


And now that Mirage is back and confirmed they are releasing their sophomore album, written right after “…And The Earth Shall Crumble” and recorded recently, they are showing signs of having another masterpiece in their hands. “Guiding Light” recovers the Mirage classic sound as we remember it: solid riffing, a slight progressive approach in arrangements, and a melody that has them crossover to the early hard rock/heavy metal genre.

An intro and a creaking door welcome you into the MIRAGE universe. Full throttle from the off!


That’s no wonder. The Danish band’s debut album “…And The Earth Shall Crumble” created quite a stir in 1985 in both the Danish and in the international metal scenes. And, to say that in a year when Accept’s “Metal Heart”, Megadeth’s “Killing Is My Business…”, Dio’s “Sacred Heart”, W.A.S.P.’s “The Last Command” and Iron Maiden’s most Faust live album “Live After Death” were released, it’s quite a bold statement.


Then again, Mirage was no ordinary band. Their melodic blend of heavy metal and hard rock turned their songs into absolute hard’n’heavy hymns, that aged really well, while “…And The Earth Shall Crumble” turned into a gem very sought-after in the following decades.


But now is 2022. After a hiatus of more than three decades, Mirage is finally back with their second album.


Wait a minute… “Second album”?


You heard it right. The record Mirage should have released some thirty-odd years ago is finally coming! Back in the late 80s the band had to quit because the English record company sent their royalties to their Danish record company, who pocketed the money and filed for bankruptcy! Despite interest from the Danish label Medley Records, the second album was never released, though all the songs were written.


So, everything on the upcoming Mirage album was written in the late eighties.


On the back of the first album (“…And The Earth Shall Crumble”, released in 85) it was written: “Watch out for the sequel”. Alright, here is the band again, back in the very recognisable Mirage style: Metal with melody and good lyrics!


“The Sequel” will be released in digital, CD and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) by From the Vaults on July 15th, 2022.



Torben Deen – lead & backing vocals

Søren Ahm – guitars, keyboards, bass

S.A. Sørensen – drums

Stine Annesen – backing vocals


Digital single:





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