AATR VIDEO PREMIER DEMOLIZER – “Cancer In The Brain” official video

AATR VIDEO PREMIER DEMOLIZER – “Cancer In The Brain” official video

17th July 2020 0 By Jon Deaux

“Cancer In The Brain” is the first appetizer taken off the new album by Danish thrashers DEMOLIZER, entitled “Thrashmageddon”, and is now ready to thrash your Summer.


This song is based on a quote a friend of mine once said when we were mixing some music“, vocalist and guitar-player Ben Radtleff comments. “The man who had recorded some of the guitar tracks had not really done a great job, unfortunately. My friend commented, “Oh well, he had cancer in the brain while recording this, so it might not be top quality”. The way he said “cancer in the brain” seemed a little… goofy. And it got me thinking. Cancer in the brain is a horribly serious disease. I mean, life really fucking sucks when you or someone close has cancer in the brain. I’ve had people close to me die of cancer, and I guess talking about it in this nonchalant way is sort of a way to deal with it“.

Demolizer, formed in 2018, plays gut-crushing, hard-hitting, and unfiltered thrash metal that will have you picking up your teeth with crushed fingers after barely surviving the pit.


Demolizer is the manifestation of a big, angry middle finger pointed towards the Establishment, giving you the hardest, fastest, and thrashiest thrash metal you could ever dream of! If you like Slayer, Exodus, and/or, Municipal Waste, then you will love these guys.


The band was formed in 2014, and released their first EP, “Ghoul”, four years later. But it was the following year of 2019 that was the real game-changer; Demolizer made the finals in the Danish W:O:A Metal Battle, and released a demo + single – both D.I.Y-produced and released on Spotify. 2019 was also spent touring Russia and Denmark, as well as completing their new debut album, “Thrashmageddon”, which will be released in digital, CD and LP formats by Mighty Music on September 11th. Brace yourselves, this album is one big skull-shattering blow to the back of your head!



Ben “Polle” Radtleff: guitars, vocals

Aria Mobbarez: guitars

Bjørn “Krölle” Hjortgaard: bass

Max Petrén Bach Hansen: drums



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