9th March 2022 0 By John Deaux

Recorded back in 1971 in the October in Boston, this is Aersomith at  their most raw. It’s hard to know exactly how and where it was recorded. It’s not a live gig as there’s no audience noise, it’s not a bootleg recording or even a real studio recording, however the sound is outstanding.

There’s one thing I need to clear up with you dear reader, I’m not an Aerosmith fan. I’m more of a casual listener and that’s mainly their live material, as that’s where I think the band shines. So with that in mind, you know it’s true when I tell you I’m blown away by this.

Reefer Headed Woman and Walking The Dog (complete with Steve Tyler playing the flute solo) are dripping in pure, unadulterated joy. There’s a real vibe that is captured and it just doesn’t stop.

Dream On is outrageous in it’s emotive and warts n all recording. I’d even go as far to say that this is the definitive version. Mama Kin is ridiculous. It’s punk rock, before it was even a thing. 

Movin’ Out  is a real groover and Major Barbara is laid back and as bluesy as Aerosmith get. 

The Road Starts Hear  eclipses anything else I have heard by the Toxic Twins. 

If you like raw, blues laden rock n roll, The Road Starts Hear is a must have. For Aerosmith fans, this is a no brainer. The added bonus is all the recordings here have never been released before. 

Score 9/10
Track List

Intro – Somebody

Reefer Head Woman

Walkin’ The Dog

Movin’ Out

Major Barbara

Dream On

Mama Kin
Label – UMC
Release – 8th April 2022

For all things Aerosmith, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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