Aerosmith – The Ultimate Greatest Hits – 2LP Review

Aerosmith – The Ultimate Greatest Hits – 2LP Review

10th August 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

It’s been a little while since there was an Aerosmith Greatest Hits album, and you’re probably sitting there wondering why you’d want yet another hits collection.  To be honest, Aerosmith fans won’t want this collection (unless they’re a completionist as there really isn’t anything here you won’t already have). However, if you know someone or are someone who is looking for an introduction to them as they really do have an extensive back catalog, this is a good place to start.

This contains Seasons Of Wither (a personal favorite of mine) the non-Run DMC version of Walk This Way (thankfully) Of course you have the classics, Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Draw The Line and I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, just to mention a few.

There are 20 tracks spread over 4 sides and it doesn’t sound too shabby. I can’t really find fault with this collection of tunes. Would it be the ones I would’ve chosen? Probably not, but I would be more than happy to receive this as a gift. Especially if I was just getting to know about Aerosmith and wanted to just dip a toe in the water to see if it was cold or not before continuing the journey. If you choose to continue, you’re in for one hell of a trip, Aerosmith has a career that spans 50 years. A massive amount of really good tunes and there are only 20 on this version. There’s a 4 LP or double CD that has 44 tracks, but I do recommend this as a jumping-off point and it’s a pretty good price too.

Ignore the gatekeepers and speaker to an elder who actually knows what he’s on about and will welcome new fans with open arms. 

Score 8/10
Track List

Side A

  1. Mama Kin 

  2. Dream On 

  3. Same Old Song And Dance [single version] 

  4. Seasons Of Wither 

  5. Walk This Way 

Side B

  1. Sweet Emotion 

  2. Back In The Saddle 

  3. Draw The Line 

  4. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 

  5. Angel [Single Version]

Side C

  1. Rag Doll [live] 

  2. Water Song / Janie’s Got A Gun 

  3. What It Takes [CHR single edit] 

  4. Love In An Elevator 

  5. Crazy [Radio Edit]

Side D

  1. Livin’ On The Edge [CHR edit] 

  2. Cryin’ 

  3. Pink 

  4. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing 

  5. Jaded

Label UMc
Release18th August 2023

For all things Aerosmith, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

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